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Ammo Stowage

Advance Bases/Ship/Shore

What is the purpose of the ammunition cargo hold? used to hold bulk ammunition/explosives
What are ready service magazines/lockers used for? To stow readily accesible ammunition
Where is a ship's primary magazine located? Below decks/ below waterline
When a missile motor ignites in a missile magazine, what system ensures pressure stabilization? ventilation system
Where are missile magazines located on a carrier? below decks/within armored box
Ammunition lockers are usually found in what location? weather deck
Where are flare ready service lockers usually located? outboard edge of flight deck
What should be done if the temp in a magazine exceeds 100 degrees F? Portable ventilation sytems should be used to prevent overheating or condensatio of moisture
Stanchions __? Run vertically in a magazine/used to divide a LG magazine area into smaller areas
Battens__? Run horizontally, provide walls the form the bin
Who maintains the magazine keys/high-security keys? Ship's gunner
What are the handling areas for lower-stage elevators? 7th Deck up to and including the main deck (hangar)
The upper-stage elevators are used for what? Weapons tranport to the flight deck/ 2nd deck is the lowest level served
Who's responsible for maintenance/repair of weapons elevators? Weapons department
Define HERO? Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
What are the classification of HERO? Safe/Susceptible/Unsafe/Unreliable
The color yellow represents what? High explosive
What color identifies rocket motors? Brown
What does light blue represent? Practice ammuntion
What type of magazine is earth covered and arch shaped w/ a prefabricated concrete construction? Keyport
What type of magazine is a tunnel or cave? Gallery
What magazine is shaped like a behive or dome? Corbetta
What is class/division 1.1? Mass detonating
What is class/division 1.2? Fragment
What is class/division 1.3? Mass fire
What is class/division 1.4? Moderate fire
What is class/division 1.5? Very insensitive
What is class/division 1.6? Extremely insensitive
What is the fire hazard symbol for c/d 1.1? Octagon
What is the fire hazard symbol for c/d 1.2? Cross Shape
What is the fire hazard symbol for c/d 1.3? Inverted triangle
What is the fire hazard symbol for c/d 1.4? Diamond
Created by: zabi
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