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MT Short Course Syst

Cardiovascular Abbreviations & Roots

angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta
arteri/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole
cardi/o heart
coron/o heart
phleb/o vein
ven/o vein
venul/o venule
ACS Acute coronary syndromes
AMI Acute mycardial infarction (heart attack)
BP blood pressure
CABG coronary artery bypass grafting
CCU coronary care unit
CHF congestive heart failure
ECG or EKG electrocardiogram; electrical record of the muscle action of the heart
HTN hypertension; high blood pressure
PCI percutaneous coronary intervention (placement of a catheter and stent to open the artery)
HDL lipoprotein carrying 'good' cholesterol (high density lipoprotein)
MVP sagging or prolapse of a left-sided heart valve (mitral valve prolapse)
ACE inhibitors one class of drugs used to treat hypertension
AF an arrhythmia; upper chamber of heart beats irregularly (atrial fibrillation)
DVT clot in a deep vein (deep vein thrombosis)
ECHO ultrasound record of the heart
LVAD a bridge to transplant assist device for heart pump (left ventricular assistive device)
ASD congenital anomaly; hole in the wall of the heart (atrial-septal defect)
CTNI protein released into blood after heart attack
ETT-MIBI treadmill test with radioactive tracer (exercise tolerance test
PVC an arrhythmia; ventricle beats irregularly (premature ventricular contraction)
SSLP pain under the breastbone (substernal
AED automated external defibrillator
CAD coronary artery disease
ICD implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
LDL Low-density lipoprotein ('bad' cholesterol)
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