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Abdominal Aorta

Abdominal Aorta, mesentery and prevertebral ganglia

What does the common cardinal vein drain? The body in general
How many umbilical veins are arteries are there? 2 veins at first then they fuse. 2 umbilical arteries
Where does the liver develop around? Around the septum transversum
What does the liver take from the septum transversum? Some of the mesoderm to become parenchyma
What is the gut tube veins referred as? Portal veins
What is the overall venous drainage in developing liver? Capillary system of liver to inferior vena cava to the the heart
What does portal venous system mean? It goes through 2 capillary beds before it returns to the heart
What is the hepatic portal system of the liver? Blood drain from gut(one portal system) to portal vein to liver(2nd portal system) to other side(IVC) to heart
What does the left umbilical vein carry? Oxygenated blood from placenta
What is the ductus venosus? A shunt the left umbilical vein has to bypass all of the circulation in the liver.
What is the umbilical vein, umbilical arteries, allantois and ductus venosus called once baby is born? Ligamentum teres, medial umbilical ligaments, urachus and ligamentus venosum
What is the round ligament of the liver and where is it located? Ligamentum teres hepatus and is comes along the inferior edge of falciform ligament (fold of ventral mesentery)
When peritoneum reflects onto inferior surface of diaphragm it becomes? The coronary ligament which reaches right and left triangular ligaments
Are the hepatorenal recess and subphrenic recess in the peritoneal cavity? Yes
Where is the bare area of liver? Pushes on inferior surface of diaphragm
Is the greater omentum attached to transverse colon? No, it is in front and goes around
If there is an infection in abdomen what can happen to greater omentum? Sticks to infected or inflamed area
What is in the greater periotoneal sac? Fluid
What is in the hepatoduodenal ligament? Hepatic artery(left), portal vein(posterior)and bile duct(right)
Where do the hepatic artery and portal vein bring blood? Hepatic: Bring blood to liver. Portal: Bring blood from gut through liver
Where is the lesser sac/omenta bursa? Behind epipolic foramen of winslow
What is the supracolic and infracolic compartments? Supracolic: Above transverse colon. Infracolic: Below transverse colon
What causes the ascending colon to become secondary retroperitoneal? When it slams down to the right and goes from being intraperitoneal to retroperitoneal
What is ascites? Build up of fluid in abdominal cavity
In a male where can fluid drain in pelvic cavity? female? Rectovesical pouch in male. Rectouterine in female.
What can occur in the duodneal fossae? Hernia. Can be pushed behind the peritoneal cavity
Is the duodenum intra or retro periotneal after birth? Jejunum? Duodenum: secondary retero (used to be in mesentery) Jejunum: intra
What is the perivascualar route? All of blood vessels carrying autonomic innervation to organs
Where does omentum get blood supply? Left and right gastroepiploic arteries
Where does the mesenteric artery come from and go? Off of dorsal aorta and to the gut tube
Where is the celiac trunk? Celiac vessel goes where? off of aorta and usually a little below diaphragm. Goes to foregut
3 major branches of celiac trunk? splenic artery, common hepatic artery and left gastric artery
Where does right greater splanchnic nerve synapse? lesser? Least? Celiac ganglia, superior mesenteric ganglia then piggy-back on blood vessels
What supplies the appendix? Appendicular artery from superior mesentery artery
Where does the superior mesnteric vein go? Portal vein after goes through liver
What does the inferior mesenteric artery supply? The hindgut
What is the marginal artery of Drummond? Continuation of inferior and superior mesenteric arteries



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