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prefixes a&p

column #1

absence, lack acardia, lack of a heart; anaerovic, in the avsence of oxygen a,an
departing from, away from abnormal, departing from normal ab
hearing acoustics, the science of sound acou
extreme or extremity, peak acrodermatitis, inflammation of the skin of the extremities ac, acro
to, toward adorbital, toward the orbit ad
gland adeniform, resembling a gland in shape aden, adeno
toward the kidney adrenal gland, adjacent to the kidney adren
air aerobic respiration, oxygen-requiring metabolism aero
toward afferent neurons, which carry impulses to the central nervous system af
contest agonistic and antagonistic muscles, which oppose each other agon
white corpus albicans of the ovary, a white scar tissue alb
nourish alimentary canal, or digestive tract aliment
of one another alleles, alternative expressions of a gene allel
on both sides, of both kinds amphibian, an organism capable of living in water and on land amphi
apart, up, again anaphase of mitosis, when the chromosomes separate ana
come together arteriovenous anastomosis, a connection between an artery and a vein anastomos
vessel angiitis, inflammation of a lymph vessel or blood vessel angi
choked angina pectoris, a choled feeling in the chest due to dysfunction of the heart angin
opposed to, preventing, inhibiting anticoagulant, a substance that prevents blood coagulation ant, anti
preceding, before antecubital, infront of the elbow ante
great artery aorta aort
tip, extremity apex of the heart ap, api
hang of appendicular skeleton append
water aqueous solutions aqua, aque
tree arbor vitae of the cerebellum, the treelike pattern of white matter arbor
open space areolar connective tissue, a losse connective tissue areola
upright arrector pili muscles of the skin, which make the hairs stand erect arrect
joint arthropathy,any joint disease arthr, arthro
joint articular surfaces of bones, the points of connection artic
vestibule atria, upper chambers of the heart atri
listen auscultatory method for measuring blood pressure auscult
self autogenous, self-generated aut, auto
axis, axle axial skeleton, axis of verebral column ax, axi, axo
unpaired azygous vein, an unnpaired vessel azyg
a widening aortic aneurysm, a wa=eak spot that causes enlargement of the blood vessel aneurysm
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