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Mrs.Melvin sat words

Mrs.Melvins sat words by Izik(i'll keep as up to date as possible)

condone overlook or excuse
chastise scold or punish
denounce criticize or condemn
flippancy treating a serious situation with arrogant humor or disrespect
extol praise
abstruse confusing; difficult to understand
ambivalence indecision; being pulled in two directions
apathetic lack of interest or concern
germane relevant
conviction someone's strongly held opinion or belief
dilatory to dilly-dally causing; lateness or stalling
enhance to improve or intensify
benign kind hearted; mild
effervescence bubbly or full of life
Quell to calm;pacify
Redolent strongly scented; fragrant
Profuse in large amounts or quantities
Partisan Blindly devoted to a cause or organization
precocious mature at a young age
Obsolete no longer usable; outdated
Lucid easy to understand;transparent;clear
Induce cause to happen; bring about
Misconstrue misunderstand; interpret incorrectly
Hierarchy a system of ranking
versatile having many talents or uses
Viscous a heavy liquid; sticky
Wastrel Someone who wastes their money and resources
Innocuous Harmless; inoffensive
Adamant refusing to change; stubborn, unyielding
Amity friendship
Austere stern; plain;without luxuries
Avarice greed
Benevolent kindhearted; good-natured; generous
Cajole to fool with flattery or false promises; coax; decieve
Concise short and to the point; terse
Concur agree
Cupidity greed; especially for money
depleted emptied, drained, used up
Efface erase
Eloquence powerfully effective speech
Enigma mystery; puzzle
Extricate to free from a trap or difficult situation; to disentangle
Garish flashy; gaudy
Harangue a long lecturing speech
Indolent lazy
Infallible incapable of making a mistake
Insipid dull; flat; without sparkle or flavor
Irreverent disrespectful
Juncture point in time, especially a cruel one; joint or connection
Languish lose energy or motivation; become weak or depressed
Legacy something inherited; either from an ancestor or from the past itself
Minute very small in size
Obliterate remove or destroy completely; erase
Opaque too dark or thick for light to pass through
Preclude prevent; make impossible
Prodigious very large
Qualify to limit the meaning of a previous statement; to modify
Recant take back something you’ve said; withdraw a statement or belief
Sardonic humorous, but humor tinged with sarcasm or disdain; cynical
Vilify defame; attack someone’s reputation
Warranted justified; authorized
Created by: Awseomus