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Computer finals


Microprocessor CPU- Central unit of the computer that contains the logic circuitry and carries out the instructions of the computer's programs
Motherboard Main circuit board of the computer
Peripheral devices Devices inserted into a computer that give it added capabilities
Monitor Device used to display computer-generated information
Hard disk: Hard drive: C drive Magnetic disk inside the computer that can hold several hundred gigabytes of information and is used to store the application software that runs on the computer
CD Burner or CD-R Drive Device used to take information from one CD-ROM and write it to another CD-ROM
Modem, Modulator-Demodulator Device over which data can be transmitted via telephone lines or other media, such as coaxial cable
System Software Software installed on a computer to allow a hardware device to function
Bytes Measurement of storage capacity
Hertz Measurement or processing speed
Input devices Accept data into the computer: Mouse, scanner, keyboard, or voice recognition
Output devices Data that exits the computer: Monitors, speakers, printers, scanners, and modems
Keyboard Used to perform specific word processing or other computer related operations.
Storage The act of retaining data or applications
Types of computers Desktop Laptop Tablet Notebook Embedded Mainframe PDA/Smartphone
File formats File extentions {.txt} indicates what type of data is stored and what program to use to open it
.jpeg For photographs
.gif For scanned images and illistrations
.doc For documents
.txt For txt
.rtf For special commands
.bmp For certain graphics
System Software Serves as the operating system for the computer: Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Apple's Snow Leopard, Lion iOS5, iCloud, Androids Gingerbread, Jellybean
Application Software Programs that are loaded onto the computer and carry out work done by users of the computer: Microsoft Word (Office, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)
Four steps in computer processing -get or fetch program instructions from memory -execute program instruction -read information from input devices -send information to output devices
LAN: Local Area Network Contained in a single building or group of buildings and are connected by a router, can be connected to other LANs at a distance
Server Computer or device on a network that manages shared network resources
Print Servers Manage computers connected to one printer
File Servers Used for file storage
Database Servers Used to process database queries
Network Group of two or more computer systems that are linked together
Hub A common connection point for devices on a network with multiple devices, which is often used to connect segments of a local area network (LAN)
Switch Control local network traffic
WAN: Wide Area Network Connected through public networks, such as telephone system, or through leased lines or satellites: Largest is the Internet
CAN: Campus Area Network Used on college campuses and sometimes military bases
HAN: Home Area Network Connect network inside users home
How do you protect data from intruders Firewalls, Anti-virus, Logons, Ecryption garbles, Electronic signatures
Browser Software programs that allow users to view Web pages on the internet
URL The acronym for uniform resource locator; specifies the global address of documents or information on the Internet: Provides the IP address and the domain name for the Web page, such as microsoft.com
Domain name The domain and name of the host or server indicating the publisher of a Web page or site
Search Engine Programs that search documents for keywords and return a list of documents containing those words
Word Any combination of characters between two blank spaces: Letters, Numbers, Symbols
Paragraph Any combination of characters or words between two ENTER marks: can be just the ENTER character or as little as one word
Clipboard Cut copy and paste text: editing icons
Selection Bar Provides easy way to quickly select on or more lines of a document
Font Displays a list of typefaces
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