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Plated desserts, dairy, and custard

Plated dessert 5 qualities Flavor, Height, Color, Shape, and Texture
Plated dessert: Flavor Chocolate works with most Roast nuts Vanilla is neutral Cut sweets with an acid
Plated dessert: Height Use pyramid rule Attractive and stable Stable, servable, and consumable
Plated dessert: Color Contrast and compliment Careful with plate selection Natural is good 3 Colors Maximum Color should match flavor
Plated dessert: Shape Keep it simple Consider the shape of the plate Be aware of volume 6-10 bites
Plated dessert: Texture Contrasting textures are important
Whole cow's milk contains what percentage of water? 88%
Whole cow's milk contains what percentage of fat? 3.5%
Whole cow's milk contains what percentage of solids? 8.5%
What is the protein of milk in the form of? Casein (provides structure)
What is the sugar in milk called? Lactose (caramelizes)
What is pasteurization? The process of heating milk 15 seconds to 161*F to kill bacteria. (destroys enzymes, extending shelf-life)
What is Ultra-pasteurization? Heating milk to 275*F for 2-4 seconds. (Mostly individual creamers and whipping cream)
What is Ultra High Temperature (UHT)? Heating milk to 280*F - 300*F for 2-6 seconds. Unopened product can be stored for 3 months w/o refrigeration.
What is Homogenization? Process in which globules of fat in whole milk are reduced in size causing them to be dispersed permanently throughout the liquid. Prevents fat from clumping together forming cream.
Milk Storage? At or below 40*F, Shelf life reduced by half at 5*F increments above 40*F.
Evaporated milk... Early stage UHT Whole milk that has had 60% of its water removed Cooked flavor and dark color.
Sweetened condensed milk... Like evaporated milk, but contains 40-45% added sugar
Dry milk powder... Made from pasteurized milk with the removal of all moisture. Moisture content must be less than 5% by weight. Prevents microorganism growth. Must be stored in a cool dry place to prevent it from becoming rancid. Generally reconstituted with water.
Cream products: percentage of fat Minimum of 18% Fat.
Half and Half... half cream, half whole milk.
Light whipping cream percentage of fat? 30-36% fat
Heavy whipping cream percentage of fat? Minimum of 36% fat
Cultured dairy products: bacteria converts lactose into what? Lactic acid
What does lactic acid do? Gives the product its unique body and tangy flavor. Retards growth of bad microorganisms.
Buttermilk... Originally created from the liquid remaining when cream was churned into butter.
Sour Cream... Produced with pasteurized, homogenized light cream.
Creme Fraiche... Similar to sour cream. Made popular in France.
Yogurt... Made from whole or nonfat milk.
Storage of cultured dairy products? 40*F or below.
How long does sour cream last? 4 weeks
How long does yogurt last? 3 weeks
How long does Buttermilk last? Up to 2 weeks
What is the composition of Butter? (percentages) 80% Milk fat 15% Water 5% Milk solids
What is the melting point of butter? 98*F
What are the grades of Butter? USDA (AA)- Superior Quality USDA (A)- Very Good Quality USDA (B)- Standard Quality
What percent salt is in Salted Butter? 2.5% (by weight)
How to store butter? Wrapped under refrigeration at 32*F - 35*F Will keep up to 9 months Frozen.
What is a custard? Cooked mixture of milk and egg. Usually flavored Sweet or savory.
What are the 3 categories of custard? Thick (creme brulee), Ooze(pastry cream), and Flowing(creme anglaise).6
Ratio of a thick custard? 6 eggs to 1 quart of milk
Ratio of an Ooze custard? 4 eggs to 1 quart of milk
Ratio of a Flowing custard? 2 eggs to 1 quart of milk
Created by: kford9790