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Prefixes sufixes rts

Health sciense vocabulary

Gastr/o Stomach
Lapar/o abdomen in general
-otomy A cutting operation
Dys bad, painful, dificult, abnormal
-pnea respiration
Hemat/a Blood
Ology A subject of study
Cardi/o heart
Ologist doctor
Osteo bone
Malacia softening
Gastro Stomach
scope denoting an instrument for viewing, but extended to include other methods of examination.
pre- before
Uni- one
bi- two
tri- three
sub- under
trans- across
hypo- low
negation- negative
a- with out
an- not
post- after
peri- around
endo- inside
dermat skin
dent/o teeth
pulmon/o lungs
enter/o intestines
hepat/o liver
arthr/o joints
rhin/o nose
cyan/o blue
melan/o black
luek/o white
erytthr/o red
poli/o grey
xanth/o yellow
-itis inflamed
-ectomy surgically removed
-osis abnormal condition
-algia pain
-plasty repair
-megaly inlarged
brady- slow
laryn/o throat
Dys- Bad, difficult
Thorac/o chest
centesis Puncture, especially when used as a suffix, as in paracentesis
Crani/o The cranium
Renal kidney
nephro- kidney
myo- muscle
hepat liver
angio Denotes blood or lymph vessels; a covering, an enclosure
-oma A tumor or neoplasm
Arteri/o artery
sten A statistical term that uses the standard deviation to convert data into standardized scores that define ten steps along a normal distribution, with five steps on either side of the mean.
Neur/o Nerve, nerve tissue, the nervous system
pathy The sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system
Hypo- Prefix denoting deficient, below normal
-ic Suffix indicating an acid
-cyte cell
hyster- uterus
-necrosis Pathologic death of one or more cells, or of a portion of tissue or organ, resulting from irreversible damage.
-sclerosis In neuropathy, induration of nervous and other structures by a hyperplasia of the interstitial fibrous or glial connective tissue.
-stenosis A stricture of any canal or orifice.
-centesis Puncture
-scopy An action or activity involving the use of in instrument for viewing.
-graphy A writing, a description.
-gram A recording, usually by an instrument.
-rrhage excessive fluid
-rrhapy to fix
-rrhexis rupture
-rrhea destructive fluid
-dynia pain
-ic Suffix indicating an acid.
-osis Suffix meaning a process, condition, or state, usually abnormal or diseased
-pathy Disease.
-ostomy Artificial or surgical opening
-otomy A cutting operation
-ectomy Removal of an anatomical structure
supra- A position above the part indicated by the word to which it is joined; in this sense, the same as super-; opposite of infra-.
sub- Beneath, less than the normal or typical, inferior
ab- From, away from, off.
ad- Prefix denoting increase, adherence, to, toward; near; very
inter- Among, between
intra- Inside, within; opposite of extra-.
cephal/o (The head)/ towards the top
caud/o tail bone
coron/o towards the head
dist/o far apart
anter/o the front
poster/o the back
proxim/o Nearest the trunk or the point of origin
trans- across
medi/o middle
later/o Side view
ventr/o front
dors/o back
infer/o lower
Arteri/o artery
Arthr/o joint
Ather/o plack
ankyl/o Bent, crooked, stiff, fused, fixed, closed.
arthr/o A joint, an articulation; corresponds to L. articul-.
chondr/o Cartilage or cartilaginous.
cost/o The ribs
crani/o The cranium.
-desis to bind or tie together.
kyph/o humpback
lord/o curve;swayback
-lysis breakdown;separation;destruction;loosening
myel/o spinal cord;bone marrow
oss/e,oss/I,ost/o,oste/o bones
-poietic substance that forms
scoli/o spine
spondyl/o vertebra
-um structure;tissue
ligament/o ligament
synovi/o membrane-> sheath around a tendon
burs/o bursa(sac of fluid near joints)
my/o,myos/o muscle
oblique Slanted/sideways
-lysis breakdown, seperation, setting free, destruction, loosening
kinesi/o motion
Ton/o tension, tone, stretching
sphincter tight band
-trophy development, nourishment
bi- twice, double, two life
quadr/I four
-ai abnourmal conditon, dieaseas, plural of -im
-rrhexis repture
teen/o, tend/o, tendin/o tendon
electr/o electricity, electrec
ankyl/o crooked, bent, stiff
fasci/o face, form
-plegia paralysis, stroke
rectus rectum, straight
transverse Across
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
fibr/o fiber
tri- three
-desis surgical fixation of the bone or joint, to bind, tie together
-ic pertaining to
tax/o coordination, order
Kinesiology The science or the study of movement, and the active and passive structures involved
astrophy A wasting of tissues, organs, or the entire body, as from death and reabsorption of cells, diminished cellular proliferation, decreased cellular volume, pressure, ischemia, malnutrition, lessened function, or hormonal changes.
ergonomics A branch of ecology concerned with human factors in the design and operation of machines and the physical environment.
ligament A muscle that connects muscles to bone.
tendon A fibrous cord that connects bone to bone.
ROM range of motion
ADL aktivities of daily living
DTR deep tendon reflex
Cardio/o Heart
Phleb/o, ven/o Vein
Aort/o aorta
Coron/o Heart
Leuk/o White
Ven/o Vain
Thrombo/o Clot
Arteri/o artery
Hem/o, Hemat Blood
Arther/o Plaque
-emia Blood condition
Tachy- Fast
Aneurysm/o aneurysm
Valv/o Valve
Capill/o Capillares
Angi/o blood vessel
Brady- slow
erythr/o red
thromb/o Clot
Plasm/a, plasm/o- Plasma
Hypertension . High blood pressure; transitory or sustained elevation of systemic arterial blood pressure to a level likely to induce cardiovascular damage or other adverse consequences.
Srtoke A harmful discharge of lightning, particularly one that affects a human being.
Arteriosclerosis Hardening of the arteries; types generally recognized are: atherosclerosis, Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis, and arteriolosclerosis.
aneurysm Circumscribed dilation of an artery or a cardiac chamber, in direct communication with the lumen, usually resulting from an acquired or congenital weakness of the wall of the artery or chamber.
Coronary artery disease (CAD)
Heart Attack
Congestive heart failure (CHF)
Anemia, Hemophilia, and Leukemia
-ema Condition of
-ectasis streching, dialation, enlargment
-osmia smell, odor
-pnea breathing
-ptysis spitting
-sphyxia breathing
-spasm sudden involuntary contrac-
-ia abnormal condition, disease
dys- bad, difficult, painful
-osis abnormal condition, disease
-tachy fast
-brady slow
Adenoid/o adenoids
Alveoli/o alveolus, air sac, small sac
Bronchi/o bronchial tube, bronchus
Bronchiol/o bronchiole, bronchiolus
capn/o carbon dioxide, sooty or smooky appearance
coni/o dust
cyan/o blue
Epiglott/o epiglottis
Laryng/o larynx, throat
Lob/o lobe, wel-defined part of an organ
Mediastin/o mediastinum, middle
Nas/o nose
Orth/o straight, normal, correct
Ox/o oxygen
Pector/o chest
Pharyng/o throat, pharynx
Phon/o sound, voice
Phren/o diaphragm, mind
Pleur/o pleura, side of the body
Pneumon/o lung, air
Plumon/o lung
Rhin/o nose
Sinus/o sinus
Spir/o to breathe
Tel/o distant, far
Thorac/o chest
-thorax chest
Tonsil/o throat
Trache/o trachea, windpipe
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