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August 28


Cardio heart
Pulmon lungs
Gastro stomach
dermat skin
dento teeth
hepat liver
spen splene
oste bones
arthri jiong
rhingo nose
chrondr cartilidge
thorastic chest cavity
hyste skin
cyto cells
renal kidney
costal ribs
iliac hip
lapar abdomen
itis inflamation
ologist specialized doctor
ology stufy of
ectomy being removed surgically
osis condition different
algia pain - general
plasti repaired
megaly enlargement
otomy cut to open for exploring
uni one
bi two
tri three
pre before
post after
sub under
trans across
hype low
a without or negative
an without or negative
peri around
dys pain
larynx voicebox
thora thorax
ostomy removal fluid or waste
brady slow
uria urination
centesis removal of air or fluid through needle
neph or renal kidney
myo muscular tissue
arterio arteries
pathy damage to specific area
hyste/r uterus
cyan blue
xantho yellow
erthr red
melano black
polio grey
leuki white
Created by: mt12000458



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