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DA module G ch58

Terms for exam

calculus calcium & phasphale salts in saliva that becomes mineralized & adhere to tooth surfaces
clinical crown that portion of the tooth that is visibe in the oral cavity
coronal polish a technique used to remove plaque & stains from the coronal surfaces of the tooth
endogenous stains stains that develop from within the structure of the tooth
exogenous stains stains developed from external sources
extrinsic stains stains that occur on the external surfaces of the teeth that maybe removed by polishing
fulcrum finger rest used when an instrument or handpiece is held for a specified time
intrinsic stains that occur with in the tooth structure that maybe removed by polishing
oral prophylaxis the complete removal of calculus debris stain & plaque from teeth
rubber cup polishing a technique that is used to remove plaque & stains from the coronal surfaces of the teeth
abrasives a surface used for grinding or polishing that will wear a material tissue
bristle brush mode from natural synthetic materials & maybe used to remove stains from the deep pits & fissures of enamel surfaces
polishing cup soft web bed polishing cups are used to clean & polish the smooth surfaces or the teeth polishing cup attaches reusable prophy angle with a snap on or screw on
dental fluorsis also name (mottled enamel)results from ingestion of excessive fluoride during the mineralization period to tooth development
fine pumice mildly abrasive used for more persistent stains such as tobacco stains
silver amalgam stain apperas as a gray or black discoloration around a restoration
green stain green or yellow stain usually on the facial surfaces ot the maxillary anteior most common in children
tobacco stain a very tenacious dark brown or black stain
silex fairly abrasive used for cleaning more heavily stained tooth surfaces
chalk (whiting) chalk is precipitated calcium carbonate & tooth paste polishing pastes to whiting the teeth
mandibular arch the lower jaw
maxillary arch the upper jaw
air powered polishing technique uses a specially designed handpiece with a nozzle that delivers a high pressure stream of warm water & sodium bicarbonat
reusable angle must be properly cleaned & sterilized after each use (can use move then once)
disposable angle is simply discarded after a single use is manufactured with a polishing cup or brush already attached (can only use it once)
Created by: rmperez
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