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Pharmacy Law

Specific responsibilities and tasks for pharmacy technicians differ by setting and are described in writing by each ______. Employer
The _______ includes state identification numbers and affiliations with facilities and insurers. prescriber profile
In managed care, care is managed by a(an) _______. insurer
Good hygiene is important for pharmacy technicians because of the interactions with other persons and the expectation of performing in ________ conditions. infection free
The drug digitalis comes from the foxglove plant and is to treat some ______ conditions. Heart
_______ is a legal proof of document that an individual meets certain objective standards,usually provided by a neutral professional organization. Certification
The length of time from the beginning of development of a new drug to FDA approval is often more than ___ years. Ten
To become a pharmacist in the United States: ________ an individual must graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy, pass a state licensing exam, and perform an internship working under a licensed pharmacist.
Pharmacy technicians should be detail oriented. This means: Patients must receive medications exactly as they have been prescribed.
The computer system that checks transactions of third parties is: Billing
The term that describes making an accounting of items on hand is: Inventory
The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry devotes about ___ of its income to research and development. 1/6
As for employment opportunities, the Pharmacy technician may find the greatest opportunity in: The community setting.
PTCB Certification must be renewed every: Two years
An authoritative listing of drugs and issues related to their use is a(an)_____ Pharmacopeia
CPhTs need ___ of continuing education every ____ years to renew certification. 20Hrs , 2 Years
______ protect(s) against illegal copying of new discoveries. Patenting
_______ discovered penicillin could kill some bacteria Fleming
The Egyptian god of Medicine was _____ Imhotep
The ancient Greek goddess of Medicinal Herbs was: ____ Panacea
After passing the Pharmacy Technician National Certification exam, pharmacy technicians may use the following designation after their name: _______ CPhT
_____ provide inventory management systems to their customers as part of their service. Wholesalers
The pharmacy technician can do the following functions except: advise patients on medication
_______ identified the structure of DNA Watson and Crik
Pharmacy technicians should be trustworthy. This means: That pharmacy technicians are entrusted with confidential information, dangerous substances and perishable products
The area of greatest employment for pharmacists is: Community Pharmacies
_____ was the first effective local anesthetic Cocaine
______ are substances produced by the body to regulate body functions and processes. Hormones
The FDA requires _____ phrases of testing in humans. three
After a patent has expired for a medication, other manufacturers may copy the drug and release it under the ____ name. generic
Basic criminal and civil laws, like theft, discrimination, sexual harassment, and fraud, apply to _____ pharmacy Technicians
All prescribers of controlled substances must be authorized by the DEA
The _______ defined what drugs requires a prescription. 1951 Durham-Humphrey Amendment
Specialized technician jobs in hospitals have ____ compensation that entry level positions. greater
An inactive substance given in place of a medication during clinical trials is a ___ placebo
Any complaints received regarding an employee's employment: maybe kept in the employees performance/personnel file
_____ drugs must be store in locked tamper-proof narcotics cabinet. schedule II
_____ are regularly scheduled events to monitor and document technician competency. Performance Review
A court order preventing a specific action, such as the distribution of a potentially dangerous drug is called a/and _____ injunction
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is associated with the: 1970 CSA
_____ is failing to something that should or must be done. negligence
The _____ prohibited interstate commerce in adulterated or misbranded food, drinks, and drugs. Food and Drug act of 1906
During clinical trail, a propose new drug is called a(an):_____ IND
Recalls are listed in the weekly _____ Enforcement Report. FDA
In each state pharmacist are license by the: State Board of Pharmacy
If two drugs are _______ equivalent, the have the same active ingredients, same dosage form, same route administration, and same strength Pharmaceutically
Because of fatal poisoning fro liquid sulfanilimide, _____ required new drugs be shown to be safe before marketing. 1938 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
The DEA is within the ____ of the US government. Justice Department
The manufacture must follow ______ requirements to be able to market their drug without FDA new drug approval. monograph
When technicians preform appropriate essential tasks, this allows the pharmacist time for task requiring more advanced professional expertise such as: consulting with patients
The _____ required drug manufacture to provide proof of safety and efficacy. Kefauver-Harris Amendment
Taking routine patient information is a duty of the: Pharmacy Technician
Of the following Schedule of drugs, which one deals with drugs that have no accepted medical use in the United States? schedule I
The _____ curriculum provides a national standard for developing pharmacy technicians competency? ASHP
_____ literature contains general reference works based upon primary literature sources. Secondary
Which common reference would you use to find information on a drug from England? Martindale, The Complete Drug Reference
_____ can be used to research the web for information specified by the user. Search engine
Pharmacy Times is an example of a: ______ trade journal
_______ is a encyclopedic source of chemical substance data. The Merck Index
HIPAA has established boundaries for use and disclosure of ______ (PHI) protected health information
The most comprehensive text covering pharmaceutical sciences is _______. Remington, The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
The national drug code (NDC) is assigned by the _______. manufacturer
A web address is also known as a ________. url
The common reference provides comprehensive and timely drug information about prescriptions and OTC products is a ________. Drug Facts and Comparisons
The USP DI has ______ volumes. three
The Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Training is published by ______. ASHP
Which of the following is required on prescription labels for most drugs? expiration date
The name of the principal pharmacology text is ______. Goodman and Gilman's
Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are examples of: _____ browser
OSHA requires pharmacies to have _____ for each hazardous chemical on hand. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
______ provides nationally recognized AWPs and NDCs for FDA approved. Red Book
What do the last set of NDC numbers indicate? Package size
CPhT Connection is a newsletter of: PTCB
_______ literature contains condensed works on primary literature such as textbooks, monographs, etc. Tertiary
The directory of accredited technician training programs can be found at the website for_____. ASHP
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