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Root Words - BIO210

Root Words

Phleb Vein
Kary Nucleus
Lact Milk, Milk Production
Psued False
Glomer Wound into a Ball
Sarco Flesh, Muscle
Leuk White
Carcin Cancer
Dent Tooth
Aden Gland
Pharm Drug
Alveol Small Hollow Cavity
Path Disease
Card Heart
Therm Heat
Hyster Uterus
Phag Eat
Derm Skin
Lapar Abdomen
Chondr Cartilage
Cut (an) Skin
Brachi Arm
Acro Extremity
Cyt Cell
Myc Fungus
Enter Intestine
Bill Bile
Hydro Water
My/o Muscle
Gastr Stomach
Bar Pressure
Cyan Blue
Lys Break Apart
Eryth(r) Red
Pod Foot
Cusp Point
Hepat Liver
Crani Skull
Hist Tissue
Glyc Sugar
Gingive Gums
Cephal Head, Brain
Ocul Eye
Cerv Neck
Psych Mind
Rigor Stiffness
Nephr Nephron, Kidney
Angi Vessel
Tachy Fast
Oto Ear
Arthr Joint
Brady Slow
Vesic Bladder, Blister
Bronch Air Passage
Neur Nerve
Vas Vessel, Duct
Created by: anatomy2012