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Everest 345 mod g wk 3

Alzheimer's Disease condition of the central nervous system which causes confusion and memory loss
organic psychosis known cause of disease
antidepressant medications administered to prevent or relieve depression
phobia fear of something
antipsychotic medication used to treat psychosis
positive reinforcement to motivate and encourage positively
aversion therapy form of behavior modification used to reduce hazardous behaviors
Psychiatrist physician who specializes in the treatment of mental, emotional or behavior problems
behavior modification changing the way one acts
psychosis severe mental disorders that interfere with perception of reality
bipolar disorders manic depressive mental disorder
mobility quality of being mobile
Clinical Psychologist person who specializes in helping mentally and emotionally disturbed patients adjust to life
stabilize to make steady
REM rapid eye movement
ambulate ability to walk
critical thinking use of problem solving and reasoning to tackle problems
ROM range of motion
CT scan computerized tomography scan
CVA cerebral vascular accident
defense mechanisms a pattern for dealing with stress
denial refusal to admit reality
depression medical term for exaggerated sadness and hopelessness
anger emotion of extreme displeasure
dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
EEG electroencephalogram
empirical evidence based on experience rather than scienfitic principles
endorphins produced in brain involved in pain perception
frontal lobotomy surgical removal of a portion of the front lobe of the brain
humanism human value and personal worth
major mood disorders any major mental illness such as major depression, bipolar disorder or being chronically depressed
mental hospitalization psychiatric facility
narcolepsy condition characterized by brief attacks of deep sleep
neurosis mental and emotional disorder that affects part of the personality
emotion mental state or feeling
withdrawal syndrome following discontinuance of an addictive drug; taking back or away
intravenous entering by way of a vein
Gerontology scientific study of the effects of aging and age related diseases
holistic treating mind and body
functional psychosis psychosis of unknown origin
Created by: everest