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Capsula A round, metal receptacle kept in the tabernacle used to reserve the large host.
Whitsunday Another name for pentecost.
Extreme Unction A sacrament in which a catholic priest anoints a critically ill or injured person and prays for the person’s recovery and salvation.
Ash Wednesday Christian holiday marking the first day of the Lenten season.
Nave The main body of the worship center.
Conopaeum A veil that adorns the tabernacle.
Triptika The sacred book of Buddhism.
Narthex The vestibule, or porch, at the entrance of the church.
Feast of the Assumption Catholic Holy Day of Obligation celebrated on 15th of August yearly.
Shevouth Celebrated in June to commemorate the giving of the Ten Commandments.
Salat In Islam, the obligatory Muslim prayer service held five times a day.
Yom Kippur A Jewish holiday consisting of a solemn period of asking for God’s forgiveness.
Mi’Raj Islamic religious holiday referring to the prophet’s ascension to the heavens.
Rash Hashana Jewish holiday for examining the events of past year and resolving to live a better life.
Eid ul-Fitr Islamic religious holiday marking the end of Ramadan.
Hajj Name for the pilgrimage to Islam’s holy city of Mecca which should be taken at least once in the lifetime of each Muslim.
Manuterge A small linen towel used at the washing of the hands.
Antependium In the Orthodox faith, a cloth that hangs in front of the pulpit.
Bhikku A minister or teacher of the Buddhist faith.
Rite of Tenebrae Performed on Good Friday or Holy Saturday.
Shadhadah There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.
Bar Mitzvah Rite of passage for Jewish boys entering manhood at age 13.
Bat Mitzvah Rite of passage for Jewish girls entering womanhood at age 13.
Vinaya Pitaka The section of the Triptika which deals with discipline.
Sutra Text which embodies the words of the Buddha.
Acolyte An assistant who prepares the altar and generally assists the celebrants.
Holy Thursday Celebrates the Last Supper which Jesus observed with his disciples.
Chu Van A symbol of enlightenment. Found on Buddhist holy medals, on pagoda’s as a decoration, and on the statue of Buddha. Similar to swastika in appearance.
Burse A case to hold the folded corpora.
Cowl A hood worn over the head. Also, a flowing garment having ample sleeves and a hood worn by many religious orders.
Mihrab An arch or other device pointing to Mecca.
Abhidamma Pitaka The section of the Tiptaka which deals with metaphysics.
Minaret A tower on a mosque from what the call to prayer is chanted.
Rubrics The directives in liturgical books that are printed in red so that they can be distinguished from the text, or prayers, printed in black.
Missalettes Booklets that are supplied by publishers containing the liturgical texts for Catholic mass for a week, a month, or a season.
Bet Midrash Center for religious learning in the Jewish faith.
Ordo Annual calendar that regulates worship and liturgy for each day.
Dagoba A place of worship for Buddhists.
Bimah Desk upon which the scrolls of the Hebrew scriptures are read during Jewish worship.
Sacraments Religious rites that confer special graces.
Sacrarium A small sink with a cover which drains directly to the earth.
Novenas Nine successive days of public or private prayer for a special occasion or in preparation for a feast.
Sangah A monastic order to which members of the Buddhist clergy belong.
Vesperal The protective cloth spread over the altar to keep it clean.
Dalmatic The outer vestment worn by a deacon.
All Saints Day Catholic Holy Day of Obligation celebrated on the 1st of November each year.
Lent The 40-day period in the Christian liturgical year, beginning with Ash Wednesday, set aside as a season of preparation for the celebration of Easter. Markedly a period of fasting.
Thurible A vase or vessel wherein mixtures of various aromatic incense are burned over lighted charcoal.
Sedilia A bench or chair in the sanctuary for the presiding minister at a liturgical rite.
Lustral Water that has been poured over the statue of Bhudda to obtain Buddha’s goodness.
Zucchetto A small semispherical headdress or skullcap worn by select clergy.
Advent The season in the Christian liturgical year set aside as a season of preparation for the celebration of Christmas.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Holy Day of Obligation celebrated on 8th day of December each year.
Feast of Assumption Commemorates Mary’s departure.
Sacristy Used to store ecclesiastical appointments, alter cloths, linens, vestments, and perishable consumables such as hosts and wine.
Chancel The area of the worship center assigned to the officiating clergy.
Zakat Islamic religious rite consisting of giving to the poor.
Maulid Islamic religious holiday referring to the prophet’s birthday.
Sutta Pitaka The section of the Tiptika which contains discourses.
Mahayana A branch of Buddhism commonly practiced in the United States.
Shofar A ram’s horn used in some Jewish services.
Purificator A rectangular piece of linen with cross in the middle center. Place in chalice during rigging of Catholic mass.
Surplice A white outer garment that is worn over a cassock by the chaplains of some Protestant faith groups.
Mohel The person in the Jewish faith who performs ritual circumcisions.
Epimanika Liturgical cuffs worn by Orthodox priests that are placed over the sleeves of the sticharion.
Epigonation A piece of stiff material about 1in. by 12in. decorated with a cross that is worn by Orthodox priests on the right hip.
Talmud Jewish book containing all religious laws, prayers, social ethics, parables, history, and poetry.
Iconostasis A moveable wall or screen placed in the chancel area during Orthodox worship.
Cruets Containers that hold the water and wine used during Catholic mass.
Cinture A long chord used by Catholic priests as a belt to gather the alb at the waist.
Midrash Jewish sacred book containing a collection of expositions of the Bible.
Cassock A long close fitting garment reaching to the feet worn by Protestant chaplains.
Zone A belt or cincture around the waist used by Orthodox chaplains.
Paten A small dish upon which the large host is placed during Catholic mass. It rests on top of the chalice.
Teffillin 2 small quadrangular black leather boxes containing four biblical passages.
Yad A pointer used when reading from the Torah.
Oneg Shabbat A time of fellowship and light refreshments following a Jewish worship service.
Corporal In Catholic faith, piece of linen about one square foot, cross appears at lower 1/3.
Prothesis A small altar table used in Orthodox worship where holy vessels and communion ware are normally kept.
Lavabo Dish Used during mass for ritual ablution of the Catholic priest’s fingertips.
Lavabo towel A Eucharistic linen measuring about 4in. by 8in. folded once lengthwise and once widthwise and usually has a cross embroidered at the lower center face.
Sticharion The basic Orthodox liturgical vestment that corresponds to the Wester Alb. It is made of silk, and is not necessarily white.
Phelonion In Eastern Orthodox faith, it is cone-shaped garment with and opening in the head and corresponds to the chasuble worn by Roman Catholic clergy.
Epistrachelion A stole that is worn aroung the neck by Orthodox priests.
Artophorion The Orthodox tabernacle that stands at the back of the altar table.
Chasuble A large, sleeveless outer garment worn by Catholic priests.
Pall A square linen pocket with a stiff cardboard or plastic insert that is placed on top of the paten and large host.
Kiddish Jewish wine ceremony during the Sabbath.
Intinction Cup In the Protestant faith, a small metal container rounded on one side that fits into a chalice.
Chalice Veil A square cloth proper to the color of the liturgical season that is used during Catholic mass. It is draped over the chalice after the purificator, paten, host, and pall have been placed.
Siddur The name of the Jewish prayer book.
Shivah The name of the Jewish period of mourning.
Tallit A four-cornered, fringed garment worn during certain prayers.
Amice Piece of rectangular white linen (2’x3’) worn over the shoulders by a Catholic priest.
Stole A long, narrow band worn around the neck that is used by both Catholic priests and Protestant ministers.
Antimesion In Orthodox worship, a piece of material approximately 24”x18” bearing a representation of the figure of Christ laid out for burial.
Purificator A rectangular shaped Eucharistic linen measuring about 9”x18”.
Sukkot A booth erected for the Fall Sukkot festival.
Alb A full length white linen garment with sleeves worn by Catholic priets.
1000 Military Personnel
2000 Telecommunications
3000 Operational Readiness
4000 Logistics
5000 General Administration and Management
6000 Medicine and Dentistry
7000 Financial Management
8000 Ordnance Material
9000 Ships Design and Material
10000 General Material
11000 Facilities and Activities Ashore
12000 Civilian Personnel/ Astronautical Material
13000 Coast Guard Mission
000 General Works
100 Philosophy
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Language
500 Pure Sciences
600 Applied Sciences
700 Art
800 Literature
900 History and Geography
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