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endocrine Noyce

difference between enodcrine and exocrine endocrine is ductless and exocrine secretes out to the surface or a body cavity through a duct.
explain negative feedback blood sugar up insulin released blood sugar down insulin ceases
explain why the hypothalamus is inclued in this chapter it produces adh and oxytocin, which is stored in the pituitary, to later be screated
type 1 diabetes does not produce insulin
type 2 diabetes a receptor problem
endocrine system and nervous system have the same goals, but endocrine is slower true
receptor in nucleus of target cell for steroidal hormone true
another name for tissue hormone is prostaglandins true
hyper sceretion of adh can cause diabetes incipitus true
calcitonin is produced in the thyroid ture
graves disease and myxedema have the same depending of age false
parathyroid found in the neck true
glucagon and insulin are antagonist hormones true
the differnce between type 1 dm and type 2 dm 1 is pancretic islets 2 is receptor problem
hormone used to detect pregnancy is produced by the ovaries false
pineal gland found in the brain true
hypo secretion of melatonin leads to depression true
anh and aldosterone have opposite effects on blood sodium levels true
tropic hormones stimulate other endocrine glands true
releasing and inhibiting hormones released by the hypothalamus rgulate hormones in the pituitary gland false
thyroid gland is unusual because it stores a lot of its own hormone true
glycosuria is hyper secretion of insulin by the pancreas false
what is a fact about the endocrine system ductless
where is the receptor for steroidal hormone target organ's cell, inside the nucleus
acromegaly hyper secretion of growth hormone(gh)
dwarfism hypo secretion of growth hormone (gh)
oxtocin produced by the hypothalamus,secreted by the pituitary
thyroxin more target cells than adh
calcitonin decrease calcium levels in the blood and prevents hypercalcemia
inadequate iodine cause goiter
insulin and glucogon are what of each other antagonist
facts about the pineal gland located:in brain
fact about the pineal gland produces:melatonin
fact about the pineal gland regulates:biological clock
hormone that reduces the amount of calcium in the blood calcitonin
hyper secretion of this hormone causes acromegaly growth hormome (gh)
hormone that plays an important role in the immune system thymacin
released by adrenal cortex, anti inflammatory andr raise blood glucose glucocorticoids
released by adrenal cortex, anti inflammatory andr raise blood glucose cortisol
released by adrenal cortex, anti inflammatory andr raise blood glucose hydrocortisone
released by posterior pituitary gland and causes water retention adh
released by posterior pituitary gland and causes water retention antidiuretic hormone
lncrease level of this hormone produce ovulation luteinizing hormone (lh)
pineal melatonin
biological clock melatonin
released by adrenal medulla epinephrine
fight or flight epinephrine
stimulate muscle contraction in the uterus to educe labor oxtocin
throid hermone that conyains 3 iodine atoms triiodothyroine (t3)
increase level of calcium in blood parathyroid (pth)
pancreatic islets releases this hormone which icrease blood glucose level glucagon
development of egg in ovary follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh)
example of mineralcorticoid aldosterone
released by pancreatic decrease blood glucose insluin
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