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Everest 345 mod c wk 4

ambulatory able to walk
anaphylaxis severe response to a foreign allergen
antiemetic relieves nausea
asphyxia pathologic changes caused by lack of oxygen
crisis a sudden change in the course of a disease
cyanosis a blueish discoloration of skin due to lack of oxygen
diaphoresis profuse sweating
edema excess fluid in body tissue
epistaxis nosebleed
assessment evaluation of condition
dehydration condition where fluid loss is greater than intake
immobilize fixed position
NVD nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
primary first and foremost
respondent superior let the master answer, A legal doctrine that holds an employer liable for an employee's wrongful or negligent act
secondary condition as a result of a primary condition
shock condition where circulatory system fails to maintain adequate perfusion of vital organs
abrasion injury in which superficial layers of skin are scraped away
laceration a torn wound
trendelenburg laying on back with legs higher than head
triage medical screening of patients to determine priority of need
aspirated inhalation of a foreign substance
cardiogenic originating in the heart
convulsions state of alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles
infarction localized area of necrosis due to decreased blood flow
necrotic death of cells
occult hidden
pathologic resulting from disease
perfusion flow of blood through an organ
syncope fainting, dizzy
systemic relating to the entire organism
tidal volume amount of air inhaled and exhaled in a single breath
dislocation displaced out of joint
avulsion tearing away
ambulate/o walk
ana excessive
anti against
arteri/o artery
asphyxia/o lack of oxygen
capill/o hair
cris/o turning point
diaphor/o sweat
-dipsia thrist
edem swelling
-emesis vomiting
emet/o vomit
-emia blood
epi above
erythr/o red
-esis abnormal condition
hem/o blood
-ia abnormal condition
-is pertaining to
ket/o ketones
-osis abnormal condition
-phylaxis protection
-rrhage abnormal excessive fluid discharge, bursting forth
-rrhexis rupture
-stasis maintain constant level
syncop/o to cut short
ventilat/o expose to air
sepsis clinical evidence of an acute infection
cyan/o blusih
hemorrhage excessive bleeding
Created by: everest