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Everest 345 mod c wk 2

assignment patient authorization for insurance to pay directly to physician
beneficiary individual entitled to receive insurance policy
CHAMPUS insurance for active duty military and retired military and families
CHAMPVA civillian health and medical program of the Veterans Administration
claim demand for something due
coordination of benefits procedure used when a person has more than one health insurance
co-payment patient's payment at the time of service for a portion of the cost
coverage inclusion within the scope of an insurance policy
CPT current procedural terminology
deductible eligible charges patient must pay before plan begins to pay
disability physical or mental impairment
DRG diagnosis related group
eligibility qualified to be covered
EOB explanation of benefits
EOMB explanation of medical benefits
estimate educated guess
exclusion not included
existing condition previous diagnosis your new insurance will not cover
HCPCS healthcare common procedural coding system
HIC health insurance claim that insurance will pay
HMO health maintenance organization
ICD-9-CM international classification of diseases 9th clinical modification
IPA independent practice association; group of physicians that prepays for treatments
lapse no longer in effect
medicare health insurance for elderly and disabled
medicaid health program for persons without funds
PPO preferred provider organization
premium amount paid for insurance coverage
probationary period period of testing and evaluation
provider person who gives health care
RVS relative value studies
subscriber person who holds the insurance
UCR usual, customary, and reasonable
void not valid
worker's compensation government mandated insurance for all employees against on the job injury
mandate required
audit examination of records
accounting reporting financial results to a business
currency paper money in circulation
certified approved
disbursement to pay out
embezzlement to take money by breech of trust
fiscal relating to financial matters
negotiable transferable from one person to another
payee the person receiving the money
payer the person who signs checks to release money
post date writing a future date on a check
signee person who signs a check
stop payment maker of check instructs the bank to not honor the check
third party check check written as payment but presented to another person as payment
warrant token of authorization
Reciprocity mutual agreement to exchange privileges, dependence, or relationships
dependents anyone other than the subscriber included on the insurance
Created by: everest