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Ouzo bay

Menu descriptions

Avgolemeno traditional chx soup thickened with egg fresh lemon juice and orzo
xtapodi skharas xtapodi skaras octupus - charcoal grilled and tossed in a red wine caper vinaigerette
Gemista kalamarakia yemeesta ka lah mara kia Stuffed calamari - grilled calamari stuffed with feta, kasseri and goat cheese, fresh herbs, tomatos and sweet peppers
kalamarakia skharas grilled calamari - charcoal grilled calamari served with arugula, pickled vegetables with caper and feta vinegairette
tiginita kalamarkia fried calamari - tossed in seasoned flour and flash fried served with house tomato sauce
plevrakia lamb riblets - marinated and slow roasted with extra virgin olive oil oregano and lemon
keftedes sto fourno lamb meatballs - charcoal grilled lamb meatballs, spiced tomato sauce and feta
saganaki fournou greek fondue - flamed tableside with metaxa brandy and fresh lemon juice
garides saganaki shrimp casserole - whole shrimp baked in a spiced tomato sauce, ouzo and feta
kavouropita jumbo lump crab cake - local jumbo lump crab cake served with greek aioli
vasilikes garides charcoal grilled head on madagascar jumbo prawns with fresh lemon juice and herbs
kavourokeftedes crab balls - local jumbo crab dipped in a beer batter with greek aioli
tiganito kolokithi crispy zucchini chips with tzatziki
pikilia house spreads - chefs sampler of house made spreads, grilled pita and flatbread
napolean layers of grilled vegetables, feta mousse, fresh herbs and balsalmic vinaigerette
karavides langoustines - charcoal grilled norway lobster, sweet butter and delicate
lamb chop balsalmic honey glazed australian lamb chop
thalassina melange of fresh seafood sampler served with lemon and greek olive oil
spanakopita spinach pie - spinach leeks feta and fresh herbs baked in filo
pita me arni lamb pie - braised lamb shank, greek cheese, and fresh herbs baked in filo
soutzoukakia lamb sliders - charcoal grilled lamb sliders served with spiced tomato sauce and greek cheese
ouzo bay greek salad traditional greek salad presented with a modern twist
salata xtapodi chilled grilled octupus salad, organic mache and lemon vinaigerette
anamikiti baby mixed greens - baby tomatos, orange segments and citrus vinagerette
patzaria baby beets - roasted baby beets, mixed petite romaine and grilled haloumi cheese served with kumquat pancetta vinaigerette
traditional greek village salad vine ripened tomato, cucumber, sweet green bell peppers, onions, kalamata olives and feta cheese
lavraki bronzino - charcoal grilled mediterranean sea bass, lean white meat, moist, tender, mild and sweet
lythrini red snapper - charcoal grilled atlantic species, lean white meat and mildly sweet
glossa dover sole - from holland, pan seared, delicate firm texture, sweet and full flavored
tsipora dorade - charcoal grilled mediterranean sea bream, firm textured white meat, mild and sweet flavor
black sea bass charcoal grilled atlantic specialty, lean flaky white texture, sweet buttery flavor.
karavides langoustines - charcoal grilled norway lobster, sweet buttery delicate flavor
madagascar jumbo prawn charcoal grilled east coast of africa, firm texture, amazing sweetness
charcoal grilled warm water lobster tail colossal warm water lobster, drizzled with olive oil, oregano, fresh lemon....10 or 20oz
thalassina zymarika seafood pasta - chefs selection fresh fish and shellfish tossed with house made pasta
plaki rockfish - wild rockfish braised with tomatos, sweet onions, capers, olives, and new potatos
thalassina sea scallops - pan seared U-10 sea scallops, roasted eggplant puree with ladolemeno
solomos wild pacific salmon - grilled on a cedar plank, seasonal vegatables roasted baby potatos
paidakia lamb chops - charcoal grilled colorado lamb chops, braised greens, crispy creamed potatos
arni giovesti lamb shank - slow braised, toasted orzo, baby vegetables in tomato sauce
spalo brizola steak - charcoal grilled 14 oz prime ribeye steak, greek inspired sweet potato cheese fries
chirini brizola double cut pork chop - greek coffee rubbed and served with tomato molasses reduction
poussin young chicken - herb roasted, ladolemeno, caramelized cippolini onions, walnut yogurt sauce
horta steamed wild greens
psita sparagia grilled asparagus, ladalemeno, capers and oregeno
steamed broccolo feta and roasted garlic aioli
greek mac and cheese toated orzo, parmasan cheese
patates fournou lemon herb potatos
fasolakia sautee green beans
psita lachanika grilled seasonal vegetable
spanokorizo spinach and arborio rice
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