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Everest 345 mod b wk 1

autotrophism microorganism capable of using inorganic materials for source of nutrients
bacilli rod shaped bacteria
bacteriostasis stopping growth of bacteria
diplococci spherical bacteria in pairs
epidemiology study of health related states and events occurring in populations
etiology the science and study of the cause of diseases
heterotrophism organisms capable of obtaining nutrients from outside sources
microbiology science of microorganisms
staphylococci irregular clusters of spherical bacteria
streptococci spherical bacteria in chains
aerobes microorganisms that live and grown in oxygen
CDC center for disease control
immunity status of being free from infection
incineration buring to ashes
incubation maintaining conditions favorable for growth of microorgamisms
sequela condition following a disease
spirochetes sprial bacteria
spore a resistant bacteria
systemic throughout entire system
transmission passage of disease from one person to another
anesthesia loss of sensation
incision a surgical cut
invasive procedure requiring insertion of an instrument or device into the body
biopsy removing tissue for diagnostic examination
sterile field area free of all living microorganisms and spores
surgical asepsis absence of all living pathogenic organisms
anerobic microorganisms living without oxygen
bactericidal an agent that destroys bacteria
a- without
an- without
anti- against
aut/o self
bacill/o rod shaped
bacteri/o single cell organism
bio life
cocc/o spherical, round
dipl/o double
dis negative, absence of
epidemic/o among the people
eti/o cause
-genic generation, production
hetero other
-ism condition
micr/o small
-ology science or study of
staphyl/o clusters
-stasis stopping, controlling
strept/o twisted chain
troph/o nourishment, development
-us thing, pertaining to
aerobic microorganisms living with oxygen
Created by: everest