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Everest 345 mod a wk 4

aphasia loss of ability to speak
dysphasia impairment of speech caused by a brain lesion
encephalogram a graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain, EEG
encephalopathy any degenerative disease of the brain
epidural over or upon the dura mater
epilepsy group of neurologic disorders characterized by recurrent seizures
hydrocephalus abnormal increased amount of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain
macrocephaly abnormally large head
meningitis inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord
microcephaly pertaining to an individual with a very small head
neurasthenia nervous weakness, common after a depressed state
poliomyelitis inflammation of the spinal cord due to infection of the gray matter
amnesia a lack or loss of memory
autonomic not subject to voluntary control
CNS central nervous system
CVA cerebral vascular accident, stroke
myelin sheath insulation that wraps around nerve cells
peripheral toward the outside
PNS peripheral nervous system
spinabifida congenital defect where spinal cord is outside the spinal canal
synapse area between end of one neuron and beginning of another
TIA transiant ischemic attack, temporary block of blood in the brain
autism complex neurobiological disorder with varing degrees of inpairment in communication, social skills, and repetative behaviors
coma unconscious state
palsy loss of sensation
syncope brief loss of consciousness
tactile sense of touch
LP lumbar puncture
neuron functional cell of the nervous system
a without
-al pertaining to
-asthenia weakness, lack of strength
cephal/o head
dur/o dura mater
dys bad,difficult
encephal/o brain
epi- above, upon
fer/o carry
gangli/o ganglion
-gram resulting record
-graphy process of recording
hydro relating to water
itis inflammation
-lepsy seizure
macro large
mening/o meninges, membrane
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
neur/o nerve
-pathy disease
phas/o speech
polio gray matter
spin/o spine
-us thing, pertaining to
cerebr/o brain
spin spine
micro- small
Created by: everest