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Stack #97476

Aural Anatomy 371 Outter/middle ear

PinnaPromenince know as the ear
Helix Curled margin of pinna
Darwin's tubercle Super/posterior bulge on helix
Antihelix Fold of tissue marking the entrance to the concha
Scaphoid fossa Between the helix and the antihelix
crura anthelicis The crura is where the antihelix bifurcates superiorly
Triangular fossa The region between the crura anthelicis
Concha The deep hallow/entrance to the earcanal
Cymba Concha Anterior extension of the helix marking the anterior entrance to the concha
Cavum Concha The deep portion of the concha
External Auditory Meatus (EAM) Ear Canal
Tragus Flap of cartilage that appears as if it could cover the EAM
Antitragus Posterior and Inferior to the tragus
Intertragic incisur The space between the Tragus and the Antitragus
Lobule The lobe below the antitragus
Scaphoid fossa The space between the helix and the antihelix
Tympanic membrane Ear drum
Cerumen Ear wax
Speculum An attachment to an otoscope
Otoscope A mechanical device that magnifies images and focuses light into the ear to see the ear canal and TM.
Sulcus The ridge where the ear drum rests
Tympanic Ligament The ligament that attaches the eardrum to the sulcus
Pars tensa The fiberous lining between two epithelial layers
Pars Flaccida An epithelial layer of material superior to the malleolar folds
Umbo The most distal point of attachment of the TM to the Malleous
Cone of Light A shiny refection in a shape of the cone found inferiorly to the lateral malleolar process next to the Umbo
Lateral Malleolar process A knuckle like projection supior to the cone of light and inferior to the posterial malleolar fold
Posterial Malleolar fold Located superior to the Lateral maleolar process
Anterior Malleolar fold Located distaly and superiorly from the lateral malleolar process
Manubruim The process of the Malleus that the TM is tuaut against
Isthmus Second constriction just before the TM
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