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Largest healthcare standards-setting body in the world that institutes continuous improvement and sentinal event monitoring and uses tracer methodology during survey sites? Joint Commission
Patient care managers use the data documented in the health record to evaluate the performance of individual pxt care providers
Which of the following uses data fromt eh MDS for Long-term Care? CMS
Purpose of the Hospital Standardization program 1918 by ACS was to raise the standards of surgical practice
Primary accreditation org. for facilities that treat individuals who have functional disabilities? CARF
NPDB mandated by Health Care Quality Improvement Act
Medicare Part A lifetime reserve days 60
Number of days medicare will cover SNF inpxt care is limited to which of the following 100
medicare does not cover Long term nursing care
How many benefit periods are covered by hospital insurance during a Meidcare beneficiary's lifetime Unlimited
Contracts with ab employer to provide healthcare services PPO
Encourages subscribers to slect provides from network but out of network has higher copay POS
XVIII SSA Amendment of 1965 Medicare
Medicare benefit period is defined as Beginning day of admit to hospital and ending when pxt has not been hospitalized for 60 consecutive days
Research orgs use the health record to examine results of experimental protocols
HMO model that employs physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide healthcare services to members Staff
Records tranvel with pxt between txtmt centers Correctional facility care
Individuals who recieve acute care services in a hospital are considered inpxt
Mission statement purpose and customers it serves
Who is responsiblef or implementing the policies and strategic direction of the hospital or healthcare organziation and for building an effective executive management team? CEO
Flexner Report Medical school standards established
Ultimate responsibility for quality of care in a hospital Board of directors
Ultimate responsibility for the operation of healthcare organizations lies with board of directors
CIO responsible for leading the org's strategic IS planning process
HIPAA entity must act on a patients request to review or copy health info must comply within? stored off site with in ? 30 60
access to PHI cost based fee may be charged for making a copy of PHI
Legal health record subset of all pxt-specifc data created or accumulated by a healthcare provider that may be released to third parties in response to a legally permissable request for pxt info
nonmaleficence HITs must ensure that patient-identifiable info is not released to unauthorized parties
Privacy and confidentiality Privacy = right to be left alone confidentiality - limit use/disclosure of private info
Treat others fairly justice
H&P should be in record within 24 hours
single sign on less frustrating and provide better security
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