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RHIT D1 & D2

Which volume of ICD-9-CM contains the tabular and alphabetic lists of procedures? Volume 3
Which of the following is a standard terminology used to code medical procedures and services CPT
Outpatient, had two physician visits, underwent radiology exam, clinical lab tests and got rake-home surgical dressing. What is reimbursed under the outpatient prospective payment system? Radiology exam
Which of the following types of hospitals are excluded from the Medicare inpatient prospective payment system? Children's duh!
MS-DRGs max split into how many tiers? 3
POA indicator is a requirement for Inpxt Medicare claims submitted by all hospitals
What is associated with the Medicare fee schedule RBRVs
SNF residents utilization group data are collected using the MDS
SNF MDS assessments are completed according to a schedule designed for Medicare payment
Not reimbursed according to the medicare OPPP Critical access hospitals
The NCCI was developed to control iimproper coding leading to inappropriate payment for Part B Medicare claims
which of the following issues compliance program guidance? HHS Office of Inspector General
written description of an org's formal position policy
CDI improved codumentation for patietn care and coding Conduct qualitative analyses of inpatient records while the patient is hospitalized to identify opportunities to improve the documentation in the record.
Database from the National Health Care Survery that uses the patient health record as a data source National Ambulatory medical care Survey
The most prevalent trend in teh collection of secondary databases is increased use of automated data entry
DEEDS Data element for Emergency Dept. Systems
SNOMED Comprehensive controlled vocabulary
UMLS semantic, metathesaurus, Specialist elxicon
Mean average
Median number at center position when odd, in even, add two middle numbers and divide by 2
Mode number that shows up most
Range Highest subtracted by lowest
Average Daily Census Total service days / total number of days
Average LOS Total LOS / Total discharges (including deaths)
Percentage of Occupancy Total service days / Total bed count days
Gross Hospital Death Rate # inpxt deaths / # of discharges (including deaths)
Gross Autopsy Rate Total inpxt autopsies / total inpxt deaths
Net autopsy rate Total inpxt / total inpxt deahts minus coroner and ME cases
Adjusted Hospital Rate total H autopsies / # deaths available for autopsy
National database includes data on all discharged patients regardless of payer mandated by AHRQ Healthcare cost and utilization project
Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 led to the creation of the HIPDB to combat fraud and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery Information about nursing discipline actions
MEDPAR claims data from medicare claims submitted by acute care hospital and skilled nursing facilities
Risk management plan should include Objectives, key elements, responsibilities, methods, and areas of focus for the current year
Donabedian structure, process and outcome indicators.
Revitalizing the Japanese economy after WWII W. Edwards Deming
The individual whose principal responsibility is to facilitate the process of change is the change agent
Peter Senge believe that each individual must be committed to personal mastery and must always seek to learn
Langley, NOlan and Nolan PDSA Plan do study act
Data collection tool that records and compiles observations or occurrences Check Sheet
This tool helps you weigh the pros and cons of a decision, and helps you think about what you need to do to make change successful Force-field analysis
Pareto 20 for 80
Change Management focuses on employee resistance to change
Created by: alibrisa
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