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Domain 1

The term usd to describe expected data values is data precision
Which of the following is a primary purpose of the health record? Document patient delivery
In a POMR, problems are organized in numeric order
What is the defining characteristic of an integrated health record format? Integrated health record components are arranged in strict chronological order
Example of a secondary purpose of the health record Support for research
E1382 is a resource use in defining the content of the record as well as to standardize data definitions when designing an EHR - E1384 is promulgated by ASTM
_______ mandated the development of standards for electronic medical records HIPAA
Messaging standards for electronic data interchange in healthcare have been developed by HL7
A statement or guideline that directs decision making or behavior is called policy
At which level of the classification system are the most specific ICD-9_CM codes found? Subclassification level
What are five and four digit ICD-9-CM dx codes referred to as? four: Subcategory Five: Subclassification
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