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Aural Impressions

Describes BSA procedure for taking an Aural impression

Explanation should include... Procedure you will use, Warning of fullness in the ear and muffled sound, cough reflex on insertion of otostop, Enhancement of tinnitus, Not talking, Raising hand if discomfort CONSENT
Audiologist should ask... Recent ear infections or pain and Ear surgery,
First thing to do? Wash hands
Next? Otoscopy
Contraindications for taking an aural impression post operative ears, active infection, (perforation),Excessive wax, foreign object,(stenosis)
What should be placed on the shoulder? Towel or tissue
What should you do in the case of excess hair? Trim with a pair of round nosed scissors o flatten stubble with petroleum jelly
What should you be wary of when using petroleum jelly? Allergies and crating a air tight seal leading to barotrauma
What should happen to the hearing aid? Placed behind ear during impression taking
What size otostop? Select size from indications during otoscopy,
Before insertion of the otostop? Knot strings
How to put in? Place in the external auditory meatus and loop strings over the pinna, push in gently with the earlight
How to check it is far enough? Check with otoscope
What should you see? Flush with the sides of the ear canal - no gaps and beyond the second bend
Condensation impression material is? Large amount of silicone and small amount of coloured putty from tube
Addition impression material is? Two components in equal parts
Why is addition preferred? Easier mixing, long term stability, better flow properties (too much hardener)
What should the material look like after mixing? Smooth continuous colour with no marbling, not too dark with condensation as causes it to harden too quickly
What to do before inserting the syringe into the ear? Squeeze material all the way down the syringe and expel some onto the tissue
Where do we start the impression? In the ear canal close to the otostop
How do we fill the concha? expel material until the inferior edge of the Concha is filled and then move up to the Crus of Helix to fill the superior portion
What happens if the concha is overfilled? The weight of expelled material will distort the shape of the pinna and the impression will be wrong
What happens if the concha is underfilled? The manufacturer will find it hard to place the antihelix, which may result in an uncomfortable earmold
How do we know when the impression has set? When a fingernail makes no mark
How to take the impression out? Pull back pinna, twist towards nose, and ease out
What next? Check the ear with an otoscope to see if all has been removed and evaluate impression
Created by: Youworktoohard