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General Administrative and Clinical

The Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) is now named? Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services
When a patient has received an external injury, the medical assistant would use which code to explain the mechanism of the injury? E CODE
A condition that coexists with a patients primary condition and complicates the treatment is known as? Late Effect
When coding, the term describing a cancer that has not invaded neighboring tissue is? In Situ
A patients bill or statement is referred to as? A Ledger
When a discount or refund is applied to an account, this is referred to as a ? An adjustment
The signature of the payee of a check with instructions stating " FOR DEPOSIT ONLY", is an example of a ________ ? Restrictive Endorsement
The monitoring of unpaid accounts to determine how overdue the accounts are is called Aging of accounts
Under HIPPA, any patient data concerning past, present,or future health conditions that contains personal identifying information are considered _____? PHI - Patients Helath Information
If a legislator wants to know information about the incident of STD's, would you need the patients consent? Yes
A patient is involved in an automobile accident. The auto insurance calls the office to get information about the patients injuries. The information is reladte to the insurance company. Is patient consent needed in this case? Yes - So not to breach confidentiallity
The electronic ending to .org is? ORGANIZATION
The electronic ending to .gov is? Goverment
The electronic ending to .com is? Commerce = Business
The electronic ending to .edu is? Education
The electronic ending to .net is? Network providers
Which of the following would be alphabetized first? McAllister - McAfee - Mcabee - McAdams - McCain C = Mcabee
What filing system would be best suitable for a rapidly growing medical practice? NUMERICAL
What is the function of a database? To organize patient demographics
The correct placement of the inside address on a business letter is? Flush with the left margin
The average adult respiration rate is? 12-20 Per Minute
The formula used to change pounds to kilgrams is? 2.2 lbs. = 1 kg
The measurement of the smallest blocks on standard ECG graph paper are? 1mm wide by 1 mm wide
The ECG grounding lead is the lead attached to the ______ ? Right Leg (RL)
In a standard ECG, lead V3 is located? Midway between V2 and V4
The ECG tracing is printed on graph paper at a standard speed of? ADULTS - 25/mm sec = Children 50mm/sec
Lead II of the ECG tracing records the electrical activity through the heart from the ______ ? RA - LL = Right Arm - Left Leg
The cardiac testing procedure that requires the patient to keep a diary of daily activities is a ___ ? Holter Monitor
AC interference is an artifact in an ECG tracing that means? There is electrical interference Ex. Cell Phones, Crossed Lines, Improper Grounding
What is DEPOLARIZATION mean? It is the electrical activity that causes the hear to contract
The QRS complex represents what? Ventricular Depolarization
What happens with the QRS Complex? The contraction of the ventricles as positive ions enter the cells and negative ions leave the cells
The type of cardiac procedure that requires the use of a treadmill is? Cardiac Stress Test
The purpose of setting the ECG paper speed @ 50mm/sec is to Helps record rapid heart beats
The P wave represents the ATRIAL DEPOLIRIZATION - The "P" Wave is the 1st WAVE form of the ECG complex
Which of the following is known as the RHYTHM STRIP LEAD II
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