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Final Exam A&P Ch.8

Final Exam Revie

Removal of the Fallopian tubes and ovaries Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Premature separation of placenta abruptio placentate
Women who has had 3 miscarriages and 2 live births Grav 5, Para 2
Endometrial carcinoma may be detected by D&C
Removal of internal organs in the region of the hip Pelvic Exenteration
Physicians effort to turn the fetus during delivery Chephalic Verison
Gynecomastia Abnormal development of the breast tissue in males
Excessive flow of blood from the uterus between menstrual periods Metrorrhagia
Painful labor and delivery dystocia
Menarche first menstrual period
Ms.sally ping has vaginal discharge, pain in the LLQ and RLQ, dysmenorrhea and a gonococcal infection what is the likely diagnosis? PID - Pelvic inflammatory disease
Pieces of the inner lining of the uterus are ectopic Endometriosis
Leukorrheas is associated with which of the following conditions Cervictitis
The ovum is the Female gamete
Pregnancy: Gestation
Area between the uterus and the rectum Cul-de-sac
Part of the Vulva Labia Marjora
Adnexa Uteri Ovaries and Fallopian tubes
Ovarian Sac Corpus Luteum
Respiratory disorder in the neonate Hyaline membrane disease
Incision of the perineum during childbirth Episiotomy
Fingerlike ends of the fallopian tubes are called Fimbriae
Study and reatment of newborns Neonatology
Sac containing the eggs ovarian follicle
Hormone produced by and endocrine gland located below the brain Follicle-Stimulating hormone
Sterilization Procedure for males Vasectomy
The sac containing the male gonad Scrotum
Congential condition of the male urethra hypospadias
Parenchymal tissue in the testes seminiferous tubles
Congential absence of a testicle Anorchism
A spermolyic substance Destroys sperm cells
Orchiopexy fixation of an undescended testicle
Swollen, twisted vein near the testes varicocele
Non gonococcal utethritis is most often cause by Chlamydial Infection
Treating tissue with cold temperatures is called Cryongenic Surgery
Which of the following is not a STD? HSV, gonorrhea, BPH, syphilis, chlamydia? BPH
Correct Spelling of: Absence of a testicle Anorchism
Correct Spelling of: Glands that secrete semen bulbourethral
Correct Spelling of: Sexually Transmitted Infection seminiferous
Correct Spelling of: Carinoma of the testes embryonal
Correct Spelling of: Sperm cells and fluid semen
Correct Spelling of: Scanty Sperm production oligospermia
Correct Spelling of: Pus filled purulent
Correct Spelling of: Male sex hormone testosterone
Correct Spelling of: Male Gonads Testis
What is the male gonad testis
a gland below the bladder and surrounding the urtethra prostate
tissuw that produces sperm cells Seminiferous tubles
hair like tail region of the sperm is called Flagellum
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