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2S0X1 7lvl Course


Exchange service merchandise is disposed of using DRMS or DRMO False
How are class X requisitions submitted to military affairs? MILSTRIP
When an issue request is inputted in the MMSYS, an I004 Mgt Notice will output with the following A document, a DUO, or kill
Issue request processed with UND ___ will automatically backorder C
If an installation does not have a permanently installed storage system, use any container that meets operational, safety, storage and environmental requirements True
who are the primary materiel managers for class II assets? GSA, and defense supply center Philadelphia
when does a partial receipt discrepancy occur? when the quantity received matches the receipt document, but more is owed on the due-in
What is the quantity variance flag for a shortage receipt? S
tracks daily activities at all transactions D04
what document must be created in conjunction with the AF form 2005 and is used to have the customer sign for the issued asset? 1348-1A
what section process serviceable return for a possible DOR action Stock Control
what is created durning degraded operations to keep track of all transactions to ensure they are all processed when the computer becomes operational? Notepad Recovery Doc
In-checking and inspections of a turn in are in what chapter of AFMAN 23-110 Vol2 Part2? 13
what TRIC is used to transfer accountability of equipment assets from one base to another? 1ET
TRIC: 1ET is used to transfer equipment assets between custodians false
what sections uses the D23 to maintain accountability of all repair cycle assets? Repair Cycle Support
status codes, issue days, and percentage of base repair are found on what listing? D23
what TRIC is used to update repair cycle status in the MMSYS? DFM
if you want to sort the Q13 in supply point code and stock number sequence, place (-) in position ___ 31
the Q04 complements the D23. True
This code is used for disposition instructions, repair lvl responsibilities, and support methods SMR
What is an air transportable packages of readiness spares and repair parts? MRSP
What advice code is used when a MICAP customer backorder is canceled per customer requested? Z
What types of details are updated when DIT transactions are processed? DUI and DUO
What requisition modifier transaction is sent to any authorized supply source when changes require expedited processing? AM*
What describes equipment requirements of the item and quantities required to perform the mission? Allowance Standard
When only one organizations uses the item, the total auth qty may be at the supply point, what type of user is this referring to? Sole User
Stock Number, Reference Number, Nomenclature are required to identify property. True
What tex code is used to show this item was processed durning degraded operations. TEX 6
which GATES configuration is found at larger, fixed locations? GATES/RGATES
What is the relationship that exists between different date elements? Joins
Conducting an inventory, shelf-life, TCTO, functional check items for serviceability, robusting, and loading asset status flag to D is preparing what for shipment? RSP
______________ Can be located on or off base, can provide immediate customer support, stores items specifically related to the customer Supply Point
What Class is Organizational Clothing? II
Automatic querying cannot be disabled. False
the customer does NOT have to give permission prior to issuing out substitute or interchangeable assets. False
If the ID discrepancy was NOT manufacturer error what TRIC must be processed to correct the error? RVP
what outlines cataloging system? DOD 410039-M
what part of the D04 lists type account code P(fuels) transactions are is often blank? 3
what TRIC is used to process a receipt? REC
what DIC automatically cancels DUI not linked to DUO AC1
what are class IX Items. Tires and Engines
How many GATES configurations are there? 6
Before processing TRIC: FKD what form do you need to prepare 2 copies of? AF Form 1991
The Master Item Identification and control system is know as? D043
What part of the D04 provides a list of all NOR transactions? 5
what list is utilized to determine if assets are available in a kit durning degraded ops? R43
which review code indicates that IMDS CDB created the DOC input transaction? M
what tex code is required before automatic replenishment actions can occur? F
Who uses the data from the Q04 for the movement of DIFM Assets? Maintenance Scheduler
Transferring units are responsible for providing redeployment instructions to supported units? False
what documents are required to turn in an unserviceable asset? Condition Tag, 2005, 350
Directed, Non-Directed and Transfers are types of what? Shipments
who ensures all equipment and cargo is properly ID, prepare, and documented before marshaling? Owning Unit
What TRIC does GLSC process for a package to prepare for deployment? 1WD
What TRIC is used to transfer assets to DRMO? TRM
What form is used to submit a SRD/ROD SF 364
Landmines, Bullets, and Bombs are what class item? V
Failure to record maintenance turnarounds will impact base repair assets stock lvls? True
What TRIC is used to process turnarounds? TRN
What TRIC is used by Supply Inspectors to perform a condition change? FCC
What TRIC is used to Load, Change, Delete WRM auth? 1UB
what section uses the D23 to review repair cycle records that contain exception repair cycle days? Stock Control
Who process TRIC SPR with TEX 7 when the MMSYS becomes available? Stock Control
DOR processing in the MMSYS is normally automatic. True
What are the primary formats used to export worksheets? HTML / Excel
________ is the process of ensuring RSP/WRM are closes to the auth qty for a deployed or transfer. Robusting
What conditions code/tag is for test, alteration, modifications, conversion or disassembly? D / BLUE
The physical state of an item is its ___________ condition
What class are tractors and seeds? X
What are the two aerial ports? Fixed and Deployed
What form is used to create a REC in degraded ops? AF Form 1991
Who appoints the post-post control team chief? LRS CC/AO
What class are Tanks and A/C? VII
What TRIC is used to transfer or ISU parts into kits or kit segments? 1KT
What class are soda and soap? VI
Who is responsible for ensuring the effective use of equipment for maximum readiness and capability at minimum cost? Accountable Officer
Who must provide the same data elements to the LRS EAO or GLSC EAO/AFVESA as for an issuer request? Losing Custodian
What TEX code prevents the production of a transfer document and what management notice is produced when serialized reporting assets are used? TEX 6/ F117
What transfer data must be provided to the transferring MAJCOM Unit, as a minimum? Gaining Base SRAN, ORG, system designator
the M14 is NOT a research tool used for item record loads. True
What TRIC is used to manually issue items from MMSYS detail record? MSI
What resources should you use when creating a DOR in a degraded operations environment? REC doc, R28
Who is the executive agent for end to end medical supply support? DLA
How many copies of 1348-1A are required for an EOC shipment? 3
CA/CRL is required during expeditionary degraded operations. False
What class is Ointment and syringe? VIII
What TRIC is used to load and deleted the asset status flag D? FKD
at what level is each branch able to decide qty and location of class VII replacements? Operational and Tactical level
What is the primary tool used by the inspector primary to determine property ID? WEBFLIS
What class is bulk chemicals and lubricants? III
which discoverer option provides a user friendly view into data making easier and faster to create queriers? End User Layer
what two records are updated in the MMSYS as a result of performing a TRN? Item record / repair cycle record
What action taken code should be use to load authorized assets to the supply point detail? L
What will result in a successful completion of a TRIC TRN I006/I122 management notice
Who is responsible for preparing the AF Form 2005 in two copies? Customer Service
What listing is used to verify a turnaround was processed successfully? D04
Who has the final decision on whether or not TRIC FCH is appropriate? Supply Inspector
What TRIC is used to load a new item to the record? FIL
What two listing are used to recreated rec doc? M14/M28
the D04 is broken down into how many parts? 5
a 295 reject indicates an item record is not loaded. True
Created by: Unomaas
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