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300 Toefl Words 5

300 Toefl Words 5 - Words 141-180

FEIGN (noun: FEINT) To represent fictitiously; put on an appearance of: to feign sickness. . Synonyms: dissemble, sham, dissimulate, affect
FELICITY (adj.: FELICITOUS) A state of happiness - promoted felicity in the nation. Synonym: bliss
FERVENT Having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.; ardent: a fervent admirer;
FETISH (1) an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation. (2) An object of unreasoning devotion and worship – Photography, begun as a hobby, became a fetish.
FIASCO A ludicrous and complete failure - all his glorious plans ending in a fiasco. Synonym: debacle
FICTITIOUS conventionally or hypothetically assumed or accepted; Unreal; made-up - used a fictitious name to avoid being recognized. Synonym: fabricated
FLAGRANT Conspicuously offensive <flagrant errors>; especially: so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper as to appear to be a flouting of law or morality-condemned for his flagrant abuse of power. Synonyms: glaring, scandalous, notorious, conspicuous
FLAMBOYANT Marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior- written in a flamboyant, style, full of highly decorative imagery. Synonyms: florid, ornate, resplendent, embellished, garish, gaudy, gorgeous, rococo. Antonym: somber
FLAUNT 1. to display or obtrude oneself to public notice. 2 Display or wave boastfully - flaunted the excellent report before his delighted parents.
FLEETING Passing swiftly -the fleeting hours of happiness. Synonyms: transitory, fugitive
FLUCTUATE To waver from one course to another; to vary irregularly - his mood fluctuating with every hour. Synonyms: oscillate, vacillate, undulate, sway
FRUSTRATE To prevent (the attainment of an object); to defeat or render ineffectual - His scholastic progress was frustrated by a serious illness. Synonyms: balk, thwart, foil, baffle, obstruct, discomfit. Antonym: abet
GARNISH To trim or decorate - dishes garnished attractively with greens. Synonyms: adorn, deck
GESTICULATE To make gestures, or indicate feelings by. motions - gesticulated wildly to show his distress.
GHASTLY 1. terrifyingly horrible to the senses 2. intensely unpleasant, disagreeable, or objectionable- a ghastly disaster which shocked the world. Synonyms: gruesome, grisly, pallid, macabre, grim, lurid
GREGARIOUS Marked by or indicating a liking for companionship- gregarious sheep; that gregarious animal, man. Antonyms: lone, aloof
GRIMACE A facial expression usually of disgust, disapproval, or pain - a grimace that was more expressive than words.
HAIL To greet or summon by calling- The crowd hailed the returning hero. Synonyms: accost, salute
HARBINGER One that presages or foreshadows what is to come- the robin, harbinger of spring. Synonyms: precursor, herald
HAUGHTY Proud; looking down with contempt on others - dismissed the messenger in a haughty manner.
HEEDLESS Thoughtless; taking little care - rushed into battle, heedless of the danger. Synonyms: inadvertent, rash, incautious. Antonyms: prudent, circumspect, mindful, wary
HEINOUS Hatefully or shockingly evil; abominable - committed a heinous crime. Synonyms: atrocious, outrageous, monstrous, odious, nefarious, abominable
HIATUS A gap or vacancy; break -left a hiatus on the page where he erased a sentence. Synonym: breach
HOAX To trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous - played a hoax upon the credulous public. . Synonym: canard
HYPERBOLE Extravagant exaggeration for effect - An example of hyperbole: "There are a million objections to the project.". Synonym: overstatement. Antonym: understatement
IGNOMINIOUS (noun: IGNOMINY) Incurring public disgrace - suffered an ignominious descent from political power. Synonyms: infamous, degrading, opprobrious, odious. Antonyms: illustrious, renowned, preeminent
IMMACULATE Having no stain or blemish; pure, containing no defect or error - an immaculate reputation. Synonyms: undefiled, unsullied, unblemished, untarnished. Antonyms: defiled, sullied, blemished
IMMINENT Likely to occur soon - stood in imminent peril. Synonym: impending
IMMUNE (verb: IMMUNIZE) Exempt from; protected from - immune from taxation. Synonym: unsusceptible
IMPALE To pierce through with a pointed instrument - impaled a spider to the wall.
IMPECCABLE Free from fault or blame - performed with impeccable skill. Synonyms: consummate, irreproachable, unerring, infallible. Antonyms: culpable, fallible
IMPERVIOUS Incapable of being penetrated - a mind impervious to new ideas. Synonyms: impermeable, impenetrable. Antonyms: permeable, pervasive
IMPLICIT (1) capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed- an implicit agreement. (2) Unquestioning; being without doubt or reserve - implicit confidence. Synonyms: tacit, implied. Antonym: explicit
IMPOSTOR (noun: IMPOSTURE) One who pretends to be what he is not: unmasked as an impostor. Synonyms: quack, mountebank, charlatan, bogus, fraud
IMPROPRIETY Improper act, manners, or expression - guilty of impropriety in public office. Synonyms: indecency, indecorum. Antonym: amenity
IMPUGN To attack or criticize as false; to call in question - impugned his honesty.
INCARCERATE To imprison - crushed his opponents by incarcerating them. Synonyms: intern, immure Antonyms: emancipate, enfranchise
INCOGNITO With one's identity concealed - traveled incognito.
INCONTROVERTIBLE Indisputable; not open to question - incontrovertible evidence. Synonyms: irrefutable, -indubitable
INCREMENT The action or process of increasing especially in quantity or value; enlargement- a salary increment.
Created by: anino
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