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Toefl Vocab 2 21-40

Toefl Vocab Words 21-40

Enhance - The computer enhanced our productivity. To increase in a positive way such as in value, power or beauty; strengthen
Chiefly - Houses are made chiefly of wood products. Most importantly; mostly
Coarse - Sandpaper is an extremely coarse material. Not delicate; rough
Exceedingly - In tropical zones it is exceedingly hot and humid. Very; extremely
Exclusively - This room is used exclusively by the faculty. Restrictively; no one/nothing else
Routinely - She routinely gets a physical examination. Regularly; ordinarily
Indeed - It is very hot indeed. Certainly; really; truly
Clarify - Chapter 2 in the textbook clarifies the process of osmosis. To make more easily understood; explain
Core - The core of curriculum consists of courses that are required of all students. The central or most important part
Distort - Time and space are distorted when traveling at the speed of light. To change from the original shape or condition; usually in an unnatural way; deform
Diversity - Freud had many diverse interests in psychology. Different; distinct from others
Scarcely - The woman scarcely spoke a word of English. Almost not; hardly
Reveal - The president revealed some of his ideas before he gave his speech. To uncover; to expose
Conceal - The students concealed their feelings about the course. To prevent from being seen or discovered; hide
Encourage - Her friend encouraged her to keep going despite all the obstacles they encountered. to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence
Cultivate - The professionals had common interests that allowed them to cultivate a working relationship with each other. To plant and raise a crop; to encourage growth of a relationship or friendship
Distinguish - Some people cannot distinguish colors well. To hear, see or recognize differences; discriminate
Flaw - There was a flaw in his theory. A small sign of damage that makes an item imperfect; defect
Obtain - The university obtained a new particle accelerator. To gain or secure something; gain
Settle - The lawyers settled their differences and came to an agreement. To establish a home; to resolve a disagreement
Created by: anino
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