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300 Toefl Words 4

300 Toefl Words 4 - Words 101-140

DEPLETE To empty or to use up - depleted the public treasury by vast building programs. Synonyms: exhaust, drain. Antonyms: replenish; (adj.) replete
DEPRAVED Of low morals; corrupt - a depraved mind, devising evil. Synonyms: debased, wicked, vicious, perverted
DEPRECIATE To lessen the value or price of- depreciated John's acting ability. Synonyms: disparage, derogate (adj. derogatory). Antonyms: enhance, magnify, extol, laud, eulogize
DEVASTATION Widespread ruin - the city left in utter devastation by war. Synonyms: destruction, desolation
DEVIOUS Not straightforward; shifty or crooked- used devious means to attain his wicked ends. Synonyms: crooked, erring
DEVOID Lacking in; not possessing - a speech devoid of even a trace of ill-will. Synonym: destitute Synonyms: abounding, prevalent
DEVOUT Devoted to a pursuit, belief, or mode of behavior - devout in his regularity of attendance at worship. Synonyms: pious, religious Antonym: impious
DILEMMA A situation calling for a choice between two equally difficult alternatives; hence, a difficult or perplexing situation - faced with a dilemma defying solution. Synonyms: predicament, quandary, plight
DISCONCERT To disturb the self-possession of; perturb; ruffle: Her angry reply disconcerted me completely. . Synonyms: perturb, discomfit, discompose, abash, disquiet, fluster
DISCRETE Apart or detached from others; separate; distinct: six discrete parts.
DISPARITY (adj.: DISPARATE) Inequality; difference in image, quantity, character, or rank - great disparity between promise and performance.
DISPASSIONATE Free from feeling or partiality - coldly dispassionate as the chairman of the meeting. Synonyms: palm, impartial Antonym: partial
DISPATCH (verb) To do speedily; to send off - dispatched with remarkable promptness. . Synonym: expedite
DISMISS 1. to permit or cause to leave 2. to reject serious consideration of - dispelled a doubt that had lingered. Synonyms: dissipate, disperse, diffuse
DISSENT (noun: DISSENSION) To disagree; to differ in opinion - He dissented violently, rejecting compromise.
DISTRAUGHT Agitated with doubt or mental conflict or pain; upset - distraught by trials and tribulations. Synonym: harassed
DIVERSE (verb: DIVERSIFY) Of a different kind, form, character, etc.; unlike: a wide range of diverse opinions. Synonym: multifarious
DIVULGE To make public or reveal - refused to divulge his source of information. Synonyms: disclose, impart
DYNAMIC Pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic: the dynamic president of the firm. . Synonym: energetic Synonyms: static, inert, dormant, torpid, sluggish, quiescent
EGREGIOUS Extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar.
ELICIT To draw out - elicited no response from the audience. Synonyms: evoke, extract, extort
ENSUE To follow or result from -Silence ensued when the leader arose to speak.
ENTREAT To beg earnestly - entreated the judge to show mercy. Synonyms: solicit, supplicate, beseech, implore, importune; (adj.) importunate, mendicant, suppliant
ERR (noun: ERROR) To be mistaken or go astray - To err is human, to forgive divine. Synonyms: stray, blunder
ERRATIC Irresponsible, eccentric; lacking a fixed purpose erratic behavior, reflecting his queer ideas.
ERUDITE Characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly: an erudite professor; an erudite commentary.
EXEMPLARY (noun: EXEMPLAR) Serving as a model; commendable - exemplary conduct approved by all. . Synonyms: illustrative, typical; praiseworthy, laudable
EXODUS A mass departure or emigration - the pathetic exodus of refugees from their homeland.
EXPATRIATE (verb) To banish or exile; to withdraw from one's country - expatriated for treachery to his country. (noun): An expatriated person - expatriates who left the United States to live in Paris. Antonym: repatriate
EXPEDIENT (adj.) Suitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance- found it expedient to maintain silence at that moment. Synonyms: opportune, seasonable. (noun): A means to accomplish something - tried all expedients to achieve a quick result.
EXPLOIT (verb) To use for one's selfish purpose – refugees exploited by unscrupulous employers. (noun): A brilliant deed - lauded for his exploits in science. Synonym: feat
EXPOUND (noun: EXPOSITION) To set forth in detail; to explain - expounded his theory in a learned article.
EXTEMPORANEOUS Done or spoken on the spur of the moment or without preparation - an extemporaneous speech. Synonyms: impromptu, offhand
EXTINCT No longer existing or active - the extinct dinosaur, alive only in history. Synonym: defunct Antonym: extant
EXULTATION Great rejoicing - received the good news with exultation. Synonym: jubilation
FACADE Front or face, especially of a building - a facade of marble.
FACETIOUS Given to joking or inappropriate gaiety; said in fun - brightened the evening with his facetious remarks. Synonyms: jocose, droll, flippant, frivolous Antonyms: solemn, grave, saturnine
FALLIBLE Liable to make mistakes or be deceived - Being human, Tom was naturally fallible. Synonyms: infallible, unerring
FATHOM To penetrate and understand - difficult to fathom his mysterious actions.
FEASIBLE Capable of being done, effected, or accomplished: a feasible plan. . Antonym: impracticable
Created by: anino
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