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Toefl Vocab 1 1-20

Toefl Vocab Words 1-20

Abrupt - There was an abrupt change in the weather. Sudden; quick; without warning
Acclaim - GG Marquez has won acclaim abroad. Enthusiastic approval; praise
Adverse - Adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play the game. Displeasing; unfavorable
Advent - With the advent of computers, many tasks have been made easier. The coming of appearance of something; arrival
Agility - Her agility to move across the stage amazed me. Ability to move in a quick and easy way
Albeit - His trip was successful, albeit tiring. Although; even if
Appealing - Working abroad is appealing to many people. Attractive or interesting
Worthwhile - It was worthwhile waiting ten hours in line for the tickets. Valuable; rewarding; beneficial
Alter - Will the storm alter its course and miss the coast? To change or make different; modify
Anticipate - No one can anticipate the results of the games. To think about or prepare for something ahead of time; predict
Enrich - The fine arts enrich our lives. To make rich; to make something of great value; enhance
Ongoing - The tutoring project is an ongoing program of the school. Continuing; current
Vital - Money is vital to the success of the program. Of great importance; full of life; indispensable
Arbitrary - Her choice of clothing seemed arbitrary. An action or decision made with little thought; order or reason
Assert - The government asserted its control over the banking system To express or defend oneself strongly; to declare
Astounding - The scientists made an astounding discovery. Very surprising; astonishing
Resilient - She has a resilient personality and will soon feel better Strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease; tenacious
Tempt - The idea of getting rich qickly tempted him to invest his life savings. To make it attractive to do something, usually something wrong
Baffle - The causes of many harmful diseases have baffled doctors for centuries. To confuse to a point at which no progress can be made; puzzle
Blur - The rain blurred everyone's view of the valley. To make something difficult to see
Created by: anino
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