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300 Toefl Words 6

300 Toefl Words 6 - Words 181-220

INCUMBENT (noun) An officeholder - the incumbent in an election. (adj.): Obligatory - felt it incumbent to reply. Synonyms: - mandatory, imperative
INDOMITABLE Stubborn in determination not to be subdued - indomitable courage. Synonyms: insuperable, irrepressible, invincible, unyielding. Antonyms: tractable, amenable, docile, submissive
INFERENCE A conclusion reached by reasoning from data or premises - an inference drawn from his remarks. Synonyms: deduction, implication
INGENIOUS Demonstrating originality, skill, or resourcefulness - an ingenious device. Synonyms: dextrous, inventive, adroit. Antonyms: maladroit, gauche
INGRATIATE To win another's favor or good opinion tried: to ingratiate himself with the politician.
INHIBIT To prohibit from doing something; to hold in check - inhibited his friend from a foolhardy course. Synonyms: restrain, curb. Antonym: promote
INNOCUOUS Harmless; inoffensive - an innocuous remark, but it enraged him.
INNUENDO An indirect reference or suggestion (frequently derogatory) - conveyed his idea by innuendo. Synonyms: (verb) intimate, insinuate
INORDINATE Exceeding reasonable limits- spoiled by inordinate praise. Synonyms: immoderate, intemperate, extravagant
INSATIABLE Unable to be satisfied - insatiable greed. Synonyms. unappeasable, unquenchable, insatiate
INSCRUTABLE Incapable of interpretation or understanding - the inscrutable smile of the Mona Lisa. Synonyms: unfathomable, cryptic, enigmatic
INSIDIOUS 1. awaiting a chance to entrap 2. having a gradual and cumulative effect - that insidious disease, cancer. Synonyms: wily, crafty, furtive, treacherous, artful, guileful Perfidious
INSTIGATE to goad or urge forward; provoke- instigated discontent among the soldiers. Synonyms: foment, incite
IRE Intense and usually openly displayed anger -aroused his ire. Synonyms: (adj.) irate, incensed
IRK To make weary, irritated, or bored- an irksome chore that no one liked.
JARGON Confused, unintelligible, meaningless talk; special vocabulary used only by members of a group or trade - Variety, a newspaper written in theatrical jargon. Synonyms: gibberish, argot, cant
JEOPARDY Exposure to or imminence of death, loss, or injury - His life was in jeopardy. Synonyms: hazard, peril
JETTISON To throw overboard (as cargo); to throw off (as a burden or something in the way )- jettisoned their old candidate as a political liability.
JUDICIOUS Wise; using or exhibiting good judgment - a well-chosen plan, termed judicious by all. Synonyms: discreet, politic, discerning
KALEIDOSCOPIC Constantly changing or varying in pattern or scenes - kaleidoscopic views of New York.
LACONIC Saying much in few words - a laconic reply that spoke volumes. Synonyms: concise, pithy, terse, succinct, taciturn, reticent. Antonyms: verbose, prolix, redundant, diffuse, tautological, turgid, garrulous, voluble
LATENT Present and capable of emerging or developing but not now visible, obvious, active, or symptomatic- latent talent that time will reveal. Synonyms: dormant, quiescent, covert, potential. Antonyms: apparent, patent
LAVISH (1) Profuse or generous - lavish in praise. Synonyms: ample, superabundant. (2) Given to extravagance - a lavish spender. Synonyms: prodigal, munificent, magnanimous. Antonyms: parsimonious, niggardly, frugal, penurious
LONGEVITY Long continuance; permanence, durability- a country remarkable for the longevity of its inhabitants.
LUDICROUS Ridiculous; producing laughter - a ludicrous remark that set them all to roaring. Synonyms: mirthful, droll, comical, absurd. Antonyms: doleful, lugubrious, dismal
MACHIAVELLIAN Sacrificing moral principles in order to attain power; politically cunning; crafty - a Machiavellian design, wickedly contrived. Synonym: unscrupulous
MALICIOUS (noun: MALICE) Bearing, or acting with, deliberate ill-will or spite - hurting with malicious intent. Synonyms: rancorous, malignant, malevolent, virulent, vindictive. Antonym: benign
MASQUERADE (verb) To assume a deceptive appearance or character - a thief masquerading as an honest man. . Synonyms: dissemble, feign. (noun): A disguise; a group of people in disguise or fancy costumes - a masquerade so perfect no one could guess his identity.
MEANDER To walk about (or talk) aimlessly; to wind about (as a stream) - meandered through the town, looking into shop windows. Synonym: ramble
MEDDLE (verb) To interest oneself in what is not one's concern : interfere without right or propriety
MICROCOSM A little world; especially : the human race or human nature seen as an epitome of the world or the universe: a microcosm of the great outside world. Antonym: macrocosm (world on a large scale)
MISNOMER A name or term that describes wrongly - To call him a brave man is really a misnomer.
MOROSE Having a sullen and gloomy disposition- shunned because of his morose temper. Synonyms: sulky, crabbed, sullen, splenetic, saturnine. Antonyms: blithe, genial
MOTLEY Of various colors; of mixed ingredients - a motley costume; a motley crowd. Synonyms: checkered (referring to a varied career), piebald, variegated, diverse, heterogeneous. Antonym: homogeneous
MUNDANE Characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary; commonplace- mundane affairs.
MURKY Darkly vague or obscure- a murky cavern. Synonyms: dismal, tenebrous, fuliginous. Antonyms: resplendent, glowing, lustrous, luminous, fulgent, coruscating
MYRIAD A great number; Innumerable - the myriad stars in the heavens.
NOCTURNAL Pertaining to, or occurring in, the night - awakened by the sounds of a nocturnal prowler. Antonym: diurnal
NOISOME Offensive to the senses and especially to the sense of smell: the swamp gave off a noisome odor. Synonyms: malodorous, fetid, disgusting; noxious, deleterious. Antonym: salubrious
NONCHALANT Unmoved or indifferent; casual - reacted to the news in a nonchalant manner. Synonym: apathetic Synonyms: enthusiastic, zealous
Created by: anino
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