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Toefl Vocab 3 41-60

Toefl Vocab Words 41-60

Accurate - She was able to make accurate observations with the new telescope. Careful; precise
Gigantic - Reaching the moon was a gigantic step in space exploration for mankind. Very large; enormous
Display - The model displayed the details of the human hand. To show; reveal; exhibit
Dense - The boating accident was caused by the dense fog. Closely packed or crowded; difficult to see through; thick
Currency - The purchase must be paid for in the national currency. Monetary unit; money
Vibrant - His vibrant personality made him well liked by everyone. Lively; powerful; full of action; brilliant
Distinct - There was a distinct aroma of coffee in the restaurant. Clearly noticed; different; definite
Dormant - The volcano had been dormant for hundreds of years before the eruption last month. Not growing or producing; asleep; inactive
Hazardous - Handling flammable liquids is hazardous. Very risky; unsafe; dangerous
Minuscule - The sale of the building had a minuscule effect on the profits of the corporation. Of little consequence; tiny
Prime - The directors primed the actors before the performance. To make ready; to prepare
Rudimentary - He has a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics. Simple; not complex; basic
Vigorous - His vigorous defense of the issues impressed everyone. Powerful; full of action; strong
Disperse - The high winds and rain dispersed the crowd. To cause to move in many different directions
Dwelling - Cavelike dwelling have been discovered throughout the world. Where people live; house
Erratic - The artist´s paintings have an erratic quality, some being excellent, and others mediocre. Inconsistent; changeable without reason
Release - A new movie was just released. To allow to come out; to give freedom; to free
Broaden - Education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job. To make larger or broader; to enlarge
Conspicuously - His name was conspicuously absent from the list of winners. Attracting attention; noticeably
Endorse - The union endorsed the new contract. To express approval; to support
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