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AICP Policy Guides

Policy Guide Notes

How does the Farmland Preservation Policy Act of 1981 define 'Important Agricultural Land (aka good agricultural land)? Land consisting of either prime ag land, unique ag land or other ag land tha is of statewide or local importance.
What is agricultural land being lost to? 1. Non-farm development (at a rate higher than population growth. 2. Soil erosion
What techniques should local governments use to protect agricultural land? Right to farm laws, limiting infrastructure, preventing scattered development, agricultural zoning, prefernetial taxation of agricultural land, purchase or transer of development rights, urban growth boundaries/urban services
What is the Farmland Preservation Policy Act (FPPA) of 1981? Passed by congress to minimize Federal programs that contribute to the unncessary conversion of farmland to nonagricultural uses
Why is billboard control necessary? To protect and perserve the beauty, character, economic and aesthetic value of land and to protect the safety, welfard and public health of citizens
Why is it difficult to enforce billboard ordinances? Special interest provisions in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA)
What is ISTEA? When was it created? What does it do? Intermodal Surface Transporation Efficience Act (successor to Federal Highway Beautification Act). Enacted in 1991. Requires states to control billboards adjacent to primary & Interstate highways that receive federal aid.
Created by: srojemann