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300 Toefl Words 3

300 Toefl Words 3 - Words 61-100

CAPRICIOUS Inclined, through some whim or fancy change the mind, purpose, or actions suddenly - a capricious person, undependable in mood or temper. Synonyms: fickle, fitful, changeable, erratic, inconstant, crotchety, whimsical, mercurial.
CARICATURE A picture or other description of a person which exaggerates ludicrously one or more of his distinctive features - not a realistic portrait but a malicious caricature.
CELESTIAL Pertaining to the sky; heavenly-a celestial pageant of bright stars. Synonyms: ethereal; (noun) firmament
CHICANERY Trickery; deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry- practiced chicanery all his shady dealings. Synonyms: duplicity, craft, stratagem, wile, subterfuge
CHRONIC Continuing a long time; habitual-a. chronic complaint, persisting for years. Synonyms: persistent, unremitting, inveterate, incessant, constant. Antonyms: intermittent, sporadic, infrequent
CIRCUMSPECT Watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent - looked about him circumspectly. Synonyms: prudent, vigilant, discreet, wary. Antonyms: rash, indiscreet, reckless, precipitate, foolhardy, temerarious, headstrong
CIRCUMVENT To gain an advantage by the use of trick to evade by the use of deception; to go around - circumvented the law by evasive practices. Synonyms: thwart, balk, outwit, delude
CIVIL 1. Of or having to do with citizens or the state - civil duties as well as civil liberties. 2. Polite, courteous - answered in a civil fashion. . Synonyms: respectful, gracious
CLANDESTINE Marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy- a clandestine meeting known only to a few. Synonyms: furtive, covert, surreptitious. Antonyms: overt, manifest, above-board
COALITION Alliance; merging of various units into one unit - three parties forming a coalition to rule the country. Synonyms: amalgamation, consolidation, fusion
COERCION Compelling a person by physical force or other means to do something against his will - rendered his services without the slightest coercion. Synonyms: constraint, restraint, impelling
COLLUSION A secret agreement, esp. for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy- acted in collusion to overthrow the government. Synonyms: collaboration, conspiracy, conniving, machination
COMPATIBLE Harmonious; able to get along together - parted company because they were not compatible. Synonyms: congruous, consistent Antonyms: incongruous, discordant, incompatible
COMPLACENT Pleased, esp. with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied- looked on his own performance with a complacent smile. Synonym: smug
CONCEDE To yield; to admit as true; to grant - conceded victory to a superior force. Synonyms: acquiesce, capitulate
CONDOLENCE Expression of sympathy with another in sorrow, pain, or misfortune – expressed his condolences for their loss Synonyms: commiserate, show compassion, solace
CONDONE To forgive or overlook (an offense) - condoned the deed, in view of the offender's age. Synonyms: extenuate, palliate, mitigate, gloss
CONSENSUS General agreement; the judgment arrived at by most of those concerned - The consensus of the committee was that no action should be taken. Synonym: accord
CONSUMMATE (adj.) Perfect or highly accomplished - achieved with consummate skill. . Synonyms: botched. bungled, inept. (verb): To complete, bring to perfection - consummated the deal without delay.
CONTEMPTUOUS Expressive of contempt (an emotion involving anger and disgust) - cast a contemptuous look at his subordinate. Synonyms: supercilious, scornful, disdainful, contumelious
COPIOUS Plentiful - shed copious tears at the bad news. Synonyms. profuse, bountiful, abundant. Synonyms: meager, scant
CRASS Coarse and stupid - displayed crass ignorance. Synonym: gross
CREDENCE Trust or belief - gave little credence to the rumor. Synonym: conviction Antonym: skepticism
CREDIBLE Worthy of belief - a credible story, true to life. Antonym: incredible
CREDULOUS Inclined to believe anything; easily imposed upon - a credulous fool whom anyone can dupe. Synonym: gullible Synonyms: incredulous, skeptical
CRINGE To shrink in fear - cringing before superior force. Synonyms, cower, flinch, fawn, truckle, wince
CRUCIAL Decisive or critical; difficult; important or essential as resolving a crisis - the crucial event that decided the outcome.
CRYPTIC Containing hidden meaning - a cryptic message, difficult to decipher. Antonyms: occult, enigmatic Synonyms: palpable, manifest
CURB To control, check, or restrain - forcibly curbed the people's protest. Synonyms: repress, subdue
CURSORY Hurried; hence, superficial - Time permitted only a cursory examination. Synonyms: painstaking, meticulous
CURT A. sparing of words b. marked by rude or peremptory shortness-offended by the curt response. Synonyms: blunt, brusque, bluff Antonyms: affable, civil
CYNICAL Sneeringly distrustful of the good motives or conduct of others - belittled the hero with a cynical remark. Synonyms: sarcastic, surly
DEARTH An inadequate supply; scarcity; lack - a dearth of news, brought about by censorship. Synonyms: plethora, abundance
DEFERENCE Submitting to the wishes or judgment of another - yielded out of deference to the old man. Synonyms: respect, complaisance, veneration. Antonym: recalcitrance
DEITY A god or goddess; one exalted or revered as supremely good or powerful-The sun was a deity to ancient peoples. Synonym: divinity
DELECTABLE Highly pleasing - a delectable meal, tastefully prepared.
DELETE To erase or cancel, take out or remove - deleted an offensive phrase. Synonyms: expunge, censor, efface, eradicate
DELUGE A great flood; downpour - a spring deluge which caused the river to overflow.
DEMEANOR behavior toward others: outward manner; bearing- carrying himself with a proud demeanor. Synonyms: deportment, mien
DENOUNCE (noun: DENUNCIATION) To speak against - denounced by the press as a traitor. Synonyms: stigmatize, censure, reprehend, castigate. Antonyms: laud, eulogize
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