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General Questions??

need to know basics.. Bartending

How many sinks are there for cleaning glassware & how is each one prepared?.. How often do you change your sink? 3.. 1) filled w/ hot water & detergent (WASH) 2) filled w/ water (RINSE) 3) filled w/ water and disinfectant (SANITIZE) ..2 hours
Jockey Box sits on each side of the ice bin..
speed racks/wells contain wh/ 7 "house brands" liquors? Vodka, Gin, Rum, Burbon, Whiskey, scotch, Teqila, Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth
what are the 6 buttons used to dispense beverages from a speed gun? (W) water (L) lemon/lime (7-up/sprite) (S) soda (club) (X) extra- diet ginger ale, etc. (Q) or (T) quinine or tonic water (C) cola
what fruits/veggies does a garnish tray contain? cherries orange slices limes/wedges lemons/ twists olives onions pineapples
speed rack/wells contain wh/ 3 juices? (L-R) Cranberry juice, OJ, Sweet & Sour
list 3 common non-alcoholic flavored syrups used to SWEETEN & flavor drinks? 1) grenadine (red-colored) 2) rose's lime juice (yellow-green colored) 3) simple syrup (clear w/o flavor)
"Straight Up" NO ice
"On The Rocks" w/ ice
Storm Pours Anything not alcoholic used to make drinks
Created by: tdw