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Skeletal Syst

Mblex Study Guide

The part of the skeleton composed of the limbs and their attachments Appendicular Skeleton
Another word for joint, the structure created when bones connect to each other. Articulation
The axis of the body, consists of the head, the vertebral column, the ribs, sternum and provides the body with form and protection Axial Skeleton
The hard portion of bone that protects spongy bone and provides the firm framework of the bone & the body. Compact (dense) bone
The bony support structure found inside the human body, it accommodates growth. Endoskeleton
A thin membrane of connective tissue that lines the marrow cavity of a bone. Endosteum
The thin membrane of connective tissue that covers bones except at articulations Periosteum
The quality of bones that allow them to deform slightly & vibrate when electric currents pass through them & to produce minute electric current when deformed or compressed. Piezoelectric
Round bones that often are embedded in tendons & joint capsules. Sesamoid Bones
The lighter-weight portion of bone, which is made up of trabeculae Spongy (cancellous) bone
An irregular meshing of small, bony plates that makes up spongy bone, it's spaces are filled with red marrow. Trabeculae
What makes up the skeletal system? Bones, joints, connective tissues
What are the seven major roles of bones? 1. Supports soft tissues 2. Provides attachment points for muscles & ligaments 3.Protects internal organs 4.Serves as levers to provide mvmt. 5.Stores calcium & other minerals to release as needed. 6.Stores lipids for energy 7. Produces blood cells.
How many bones are in the human body? 206
What is the connective tissue structure that covers bones and provides vessels for nutrition, bone cells for growth, & attachments for tendons & ligaments? Periosteum
The process of building bone by depositing calcium salts into the tissue. Ossification
Bone building Cells that develop bone tissue from the cartilage model. Osteoblasts
What are two examples of long bones? Femur & Ulna
What are two examples of short bones? Carpals & Tarsals
What are two examples of irregular bones? Vertebrae & Scapula
What is an example of a sesamoid bone? Patella
A tunnel or tube in bone. Canal
A groove or slit between two bones Fissure
An opening or hole in a bone Foramen
A shallow depression in the surface or at the end of a bone. Fossa
A depression in the bone that holds a blood vessel Groove
A tunnel or canal in a bone Meatus
An indentation or large groove Notch
An air cavity within a bone Sinus
A rounded projection at the end of a bone to form a joint Condyle
A rounded projection atop the neck of a bone Neck
A smooth, flat surface Facet
Any prominent bony growth that projects Process
A pulley-shaped structure Trochlea
A ridge on a bone Crest
A projection on a condyle Epicondyle
A ridge that is smaller than a crest Line
A sharp, bony, or slender projection. Spinous Process
One of two large boney processes found only on the femur Trochanter
A small rounded process. Tubercle
A large rounded protuberance Tuberosity
The soft spots of the skull on an infant Fontanelles
Lateral deviation of the spine Scoliosis
A flexion deformity of the spine Kyphosis
An extension deformity of the spine Lordosis
Path. Condt. that occurs when the vertebral arches in a growing fetus do not fuse into the spinous processes. Spina Bifida
Path. Cond. that is a congenital deformity involving a gap in the roof of the mouth from behind the teeth to the back of the mouth. Cleft Palate
A disorder of the bone in which calcium & other minerals are lacking & bone protein is diminished which leaves the bones soft & fragile. Found mostly in postmenopausal women Osteoporosis
Path. Cond which occurs when the bones undergo normal periods of calcium loss followed by periods of excessive new cell growth. Bones become hardened & deformed. Paget's Disease
Path. Cond. which is an inflammation in the bone, bone marrow, or periosteum caused by pus-producing bacteria. Osteomylelitis
Path. Cond which is a childhood disease characterized by numerous bone deformities, is caused by nutritional deficiencies especially with the lack of Vitamin D Rickets
Scurvy is caused by what type of vitamin deficiency? Vitamin C
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