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Surgical Instruments

Common instruments used in the medical office - image practice included

Towel Forcep (Backhaus) Grasps towels, dressing, drapes
Needle Holder (Collier) Grasp suture needle
Thumb forcep (Adson) Picks up delicate tissue
Knife handle Accepts scalpel blade
Straight S/S scissors (Deaver) Cut tissue and suture
Thumb or dressing forcep Picks up dressings or delicate tissue
Scalpel Blades (identify # of blade eg. 11, 15 etc) Cut tissue
Bayonet Forcep (Cushing) Close skin, apply or remove packing
Curved S/B (Deaver) Cut tissue and suture
Bandage Scissor,(Lester) Cut dressings, tape
Towel Forcep (Jones) Grasps towels, dressing, drapes
Curved, B/B scissor (Sistrunk) Cut tissue and suture
Tissue thumb forcep Grasps tissue for control during dissecting or suturing
Bandage Scissors (Knowles) Cut dressings, tape
Suture Removal Scissors (Spencer) Cut suture
Needle Holder (Brown) Grasps suture needle
Stitch/Suture Removal Scissors ( Littauer) Cut suture
Hemostat (petit-point or mosquito)curved Grasp tissue to hold, clamp, or pull
Splinter Forceps Remove splinters or other FB
Sponge Forceps (Forrester) Pick up land hold dressings
Tissue or dressing forcep (Semken) Pick up dressings
Tissue Forceps(Judd-Allis) Grasp tissue
Kelly Hemostat Serrations stop partway
Crile Hemostat Serrations extend all the way
Used to dilate the cervix of the uterus Uterine dilator - start small and gradually increase in size
Curette has sharp cutting edge to scrape away tissue
Uterine sound Used to probe the uterus to determine position and depth. Has rounded tip to avoid perforation.
Biopsy punch Used for skin lesion biopsy - comes in various sizes (mm) and may be disposable
Iris operating scissors Small, sharp-sharp for fine cutting of tissue
Anoscope Instrument to view the rectum and anus - has removable obturator to make insertion less uncomfortable
Alligator forcep Has small working part that operates from handle.
Created by: cskinner
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