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Workbook Chap 18

Seeking a Job

Name skills that may be listed on an application form or in a resume when a person is seeking a position as an insurance billing specialist Typing/keyboarding wpm Computer equipment operated Experience in medical software programs Knowledge of CPT & ICD-9 coding Medical and insurance terminology
What are two ways to handle a question on the job application for about salary State salary negotiable State salary flexible
What is the chief purpose of a cover letter? To get the employer to take notice of the potential employee
List the items to be compiled in a portfolio Letters of recommendation School degrees or diplomas Names & addresses of references Extra copies of the resume Some neatly typed claim forms Timed typing test certified by teacher Certificates, transcripts & other related items to prior education &
If a short period of time elapses after an interview and the applicant has received no word from the prospective employer, what follow-up steps may be taken? Write a follow-up letter or send an email Telephone and express continued interest
An individual that creates a billing company and coding services are to be part of the offerings, the coding professional should have what type of professional status? Certified by a reputable organzation
What types of insurance would be helpful if a fired occured, damaging equipment and requires the biller to stop work for a month? Business interruption and property damage insurances
Give two reasons for someone who owns a billing service in using the business marketing strategy of giving business cards to attendees of a professional meeting. Advertises availability and services Helps with networking
What is Certification? A statement issued by a board or association varifying a person meets professional standards
What is Registration? Entry in an official registry or record that lists names of persons in an occupation who have satisfied specific requirements or obtained a certain level of education & paid a registration fee.
Name ways an insurance billing specialist may seek t keep knowledge current. Membership in a professional organization Continuing education workshops Association journal & newsletters Network with members of professional organization
The target audience for a claims assistance professional is what? Medicare patients
Coding specialist in a hospital needs to keep what kind of documentation when working? Keep written records of hours worked Note the quantity of work done every day Note corrections applied to work
Two national organizations that certify billers and coders are: National Healthcare Association Medical Association of Billers
A resume format that emphasizes work experience dates is known as what? Chronological
When an individual plans to start an insurance billing company, he or she should have enough funds to operate the business for a period of what? 1 year or more
Under HIPAA, if a physician's billing is outsourced to a person, this individual is known as what? A business associate
When insurance billing is outsourced to a company, a document should be created, signed and notarized by both parties is known as a Service contract
A guide who offers advice, criticism, and guidance to an inexperienced person to help him or her reach a goal is known as a/an mentor
A resume that stressed job skills is known as what? Functional
When job applicants have similar skills and education, surveys have shown that hiring by employers has been based on bilingual skills False
Enhancing knowledge and keeping up to date are responsibilities of an insurance billing specialist True
Professional status of an insurance billing specialist may be obtained by passing a national examination for a CMRS True
Professional status of a claims assistance professional may be obtained by passing a national examination as a CCS False (CCMP)
Created by: mpeoples
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