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part B

Kaplan vocab

balk to stop short and refuse to go on (v)
ballast a structure that helps to stabilize or steady (n)
beatific displaying calmness and joy; relating to a state of celestial happiness (adj)
becalm to stop the progress of; to sooth (v)
becloud to make less visible (v)
bedraggle soiled; wet and limp; dilapidated (adj)
beget to produce (v)
behemoth something of monstrous size; huge creature (n)
beneficent pertaining o an ac of kindness (adj)
berate to scold hastily
bilious ill-tempered; sickly; ailing (adj)
blasphemous cursing, profane, extremely irreverent (adj)
blithely merrily; without appropriate thought (adv)
bombastic high sounding but meaningless; lofty in style (adj)
bovine relating to cows (like sluggish or dull) (adj)
braggart a person who brags or boast in a loud and empty manner (n)
broach to mention or suggest for the first time (v)
bucolic pastoral, rural (adj)
burnish to polish; to make smooth and bright (v)
bursar a treasurer or keeper of funds (n)
cache a hiding place; stockpile (n)
cacophony a jarring, unpleasant noise (n)
calumny a false and malicious accusation; misrepresentation (n)
cantankerous having a difficult, uncooperative, or stubborn disposition (adj)
captious marked by the tendency to point out trivial faults; intended to confuse in a an argument (adj)
cataclysmic severely destructive (adj)
catalyst something that provokes or speeds up significant change; especially without being affected by the consequences (n)
caucus a closed committee within a political party; a private committee meeting (n)
caustic biting; sarcastic (adj)
cede to surrender possession of something (v)
celerity speed, haste (n)
censorious critical (adj)
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