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rationed allot or distribute;an assigned measure
haughty proud, arrogant; disrespect of others
arid dry, parched; desolate, barren
redolent suggesting or reminiscent having an odor(good)
topography physical features of a region or a representation of them
panorama an extensive view
leeway a margin of space or latitude
acrimonious sarcastic; acerbic
resolute determined
serene peaceful,calm, tranquil
fauna the animals of a given region
unrequited not returned in kind
overt open and public; sanctioned
alluring seductive; appealing; attractive
spurious not genuine; illegitimate as of birth
jubilant extremely happy; rapturous
scrumptious delicious; elegant
yearning a strong emotional longing or desire
aptitude a natural gift; quickness of understanding
decadent a deterioration or decline, as in moral standards
versatile having many talents or uses
holistic incorporating the concept of holism in theory or practice
deleterious harmful,injurious
gregarious sociable; tending to join or associate in groups
desolate forsaken; dismal, dreary
exorbitant excessive, as of price
trepid timid; trembling
inopportune ill-timed
discreet prudent, exercising caution
amidst in the middle of or surrounded by
sumptuous lavish or luxurious
spewed to come or issue forth
fixated an obsession
righteous moral; virtuous
viable capable of living and developing normally workable or practicable
intrinsic of an inborn quality
statutory pertaining to statute; based in legislative enactment
unanimous complete agreement without dissent
ludicrous laughable
opted chosen
eradicate to destroy utterly
militant belligerent or aggressive in nature
probity honesty; integrity
bravado pretended courage; bluster
largess generosity; gifts given generously
insurrection an act of open rebellion
festooned decorated with garlands
penchant an inclination or tendency
stocky short and stout
coherence holding together naturally or logically
linguistic the study of human speech
synthetic produced artificially; artificial
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