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3D0X2 Volume 2

Cyber System Operations

Which original components were very susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge? Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)
What is considered to be a computer's main storage? Random access memory (RAM)
What is considered as nonvolatile permanent memory? Read only memory (ROM)
What is a form of firmware that contains the computer's startup instructions? Basic input/output system (BIOS)
What is defined as an asychronous signal from computer hardware device indicating the need for attention from a central processing unit (CPU) or a synchronous event? Interrupt
Which controller component interprets an electronic signal, prioritizes it, and requests the attention of the central processing unit (CPU)? Priority interrupt
Which interrupt request (IRQ) line is normally used for the floppy disk controller? 6
Which is a term used to describe that data is whole or complete? Data integrity
What is considered as a technique or method of checking data integrity? Parity
Which is a very simple example of an error detecting code? Parity bit
What is a way of utilizing a group of storage devices as if they were physically connected to a server when they are not? Storage area network (SAN)
What is an advantage of using a storage area network (SAN) archetecture? Ease of replacing server
What is the connection type of choice for storage area networks (SAN)? Fibre Channel
Which storage device can easily be connected to a network and appears as a network drive? Network attached storage (NAS)
Which storage device has the means of providing data storage reliability using multiple hard drives? Redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
The hard drives in a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) array are presented to the server as one single hard drive
Which technology is often used in redundant array of independent disks (RAID) array that can be daisy chained? Small computer system interface (SCSI)
Which is not a characteristic of high order language? Source codes that are written closest to machine language
What best descibes programming machine code? Instructions in a form that is acceptable to the computer
Which selection is a set of markup symbols or codes insterted in a file intended for display on a Web browser page? HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Which Web application is most likely to succeed Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)? Extensible HTML (XHTML)
A standard Web application used to pass a Web user's request to a server's application program and to exchange data beck to the user is called a common gateway interface (CGI)
Which protocol is commonly used to managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet? Secure socket layer (SSL)
Which program can be used to automatically launch programs on a preset schedule? Task Scheduler
Which error-checking tool allows you to monitor the file system for errors? Check disk
Which numbering system characteristic is the leftmost non-zero digit of a numberic value? Most significant digit (MSD)
What should each organization have that spells out which systems are prioritized in what order for the basis of protecting those systems from disasters? List of critical devices
Which type of backup woud you use at the end of the week to save all data that you select on your systems? Normal
Which type of backup will backup files that have been altered in the last 24 hours? Daily
What is based around a central directory database containing information about all the domain controllers in the network? Active directory
What is a group of users, servers, and other resources that share a centralized database of account and security information? Domain
Where does a copy of the active directory database reside? Domain controllers
What kind of server contains the master listing fo all active directory objects in the forest? Global catalog
What is a set of rules that can be set to affect active directory leaf objects to control what can be done by a user? Group policy objects
Which type of interface is friendlier for the average user to use? Graphical user interface
Which of the following is not one of the elements that most graphical user interfaces are composed of? Programs
Sitting at a computer and loading a software patch onto it is an example of what type of software patch? Attended
Which type of patch would utilize a remote installation services (RIS)? Unattended
Which components of domain name service (DNS) contain a database of associated names and IP addresses? Name servers
Which query is made by one name server to another name server? Non-recursive query
Which software program manages an IP address allocation for a network? Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
The group of IP addresses that a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server manages is kown as a scope
What is the minimum number of scopes a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server can have? One
According to Air Force dynamic host configuration protocol policies (DHCP) policies, how long is the lease that a noncritical workstation will have applied to them? 30 days
What type of service allows network administrators to install upgrades on any number of client computers at one time from a centralized location? Remote installation services (RIS)
Which is not a component of Internet information services (IIS)? Simple network management protocol (SNMP)
What component of windows unifies and simplifies day to day system management tasks? Microsoft management console (MMC)
Which type of group manages user's rights assignments and access permissions? Security
Which special identity can represent users currently logged on to a particular computer and accessing a given resrouce located on that computer? Interactive
What defines the rules by which operations can be performed on a particular resource? Permissions
A feature of networking that enables individuals to designate resrouces they want other users to be able to access through the network is called Sharing
What permission always overrides all other permissions assigned to a user or group to which the user belongs? No access
When a folder or file is created on a new technology file system (NTFS) parition, what permissions are automatically assigned? Inherited permissions of the folder it's contained in
Which exchange service is the first service launched when Microsoft Exchange starts and the last to stop when it is shut down? System attendant
In Exchange System Manager, which container holds configuration objects such as Queues, Mailbox stores and Pulic Folder stores and protocols information? Servers
Which type of lists uses pointers to connect each element together? Linked
A set of data elements (values) organized using a model of horizontal rows and vertical columns whose data is calculated in response to a query is called a view
What is the most common type of operation in sequntial query language (SQL) Queries
What type of sequential query language (SQL) statment would you use to make the changes you were working on permanent? Transation
Which is the most commonly used sequential query language (SQL) data statement? Select
Which sequential query language (SQL) server feature tracks changes and is used to ensure data integrity? Logging
Which UNIX capability can execute numerous programs at the same time? Multitasking
Which UNIX ability can run on different types of hardware with few relatively minor changes? Portability
Which UNIX operating system component interacts directly with the system hardware? Kernel
Which UNIX shell is the most compact and is often used for writing shell scripts? Bourne shell
Normally, when you create a file with text editor, the file is set up with read and write permission for you and read-only permission for others
To change permissions on a shell script, you use the UNIX command chmod
The simplest place to put your function definitions is in your profile
What so you type to quit a UNIX shell? Exit
How many characters do most UNIX systems administrators and users tend to use for filenames? 14
UNIX disks are divided into logical sections called partitions
The /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk directories are subdirectories of which directory? Root
What does the 0 following the c in the device name c0t6d0s7 represent? Controller
What does the 7 in the device name c0t6d0s7 represent? Parition
What is the basic unit for storing and manipulating a collecetion of logically related information known as data? Files
Hard links are created using which UNIX command? ln
Which UNIX mechanism enables programd to communicate with one another through the file system? Named pipes
Which UNIX mechanism provides for communication with system device drivers through the file system one character at a time? Character devices
Which UNIX command displyas the current working directory? pwd
Which UNIX command allows you to move different directories within a file system using absolute or relative pathnames? cd
Which UNIX command takes any characters from standard input and then echoes them to standard output? cat
Which UNIX comand deletes files from within a directory? rm
Which UNIX command looks at an individual file and finds a specified pattern (string)? grep
Which UNIX command changes the group ownership of one or more files? chgrp
Which UNIX command changes the ownership of one or more files to a new owner? chown
Which UNIX command sets access and modification times for each file to the current time? touch
How many primary groups can a user be a member of? One
Which UNIX vi mode allows users to execute set commands? Command
Which UNIX vi character represents the end of a file? $
While using UNIX vi to edit a file, what would you enter to save the buffer contents and stay in same file? w.
In UNIX, which package of programd lets a terminal handle many sessions at once? UNIX windows system
What is the mos tcommon UNIX windows system? X windows
Which UNIX default command starts the X windows system? xinit
The act of choosing the window you type is called setting the input focus
What action puts unneeded windows out of the way without quitting the program inside them? Iconifying
Which UNIX command from the menu car moves a window to the bottom of the stack of windows? Lower
The key to shutting down an xterm window is to know which of your programs is the controlling program
The first step in quitting an xterm session is to quit all non-controlling programs
Which UNIX command does the system administrator need to use to create the manual database prior to users being able to access the man -k command? catman
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