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Stage A Checks

Describes Stage A Calibration checks on Audiometers

Who should carry out the listening tests? Someone with sufficiently normal hearing the detect changes
1a Clean and check the audiometer and accessories
1b Check for wear on cushions, plugs, main leads and accessory leads
What shouls happen to damaged parts? They should be replaced
When replacing components in the audiometer what should be preformed? Stage B Checks
2a Switch on equipment and leave for recommended warm up time or 5 minutes
What should be checked on battery powered/ portable audiometers? Battery charge
2b Check serial number on tranducers (supra-aural and bone conductor) are the same as on the audiometer
3a Frequency sweep at 10 or 15dB HL air conduction, Left and Right
3b Frequency sweep at 10 or 15dB HL bone conduction, Once only
4a Frequency sweep of masking level at 60dB HL, Right and Left
5a High level frequency sweep at 60dB HL air conduction, Left and Right
5b High level frequency sweep at 40dB HL bone conduction
What should you be listening for? Proper function, Distortion, Clicks at presence of tone etc
6a Checks all components for distortion and intermittancy
7a Check swithces and lights are functioning normally
Created by: Youworktoohard