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A & P Clinical

The thoracic and abdominal cavities of the body are seperated by the ________ ? Diaphragm
What is the main tissue of the outer layer of the skin called? epidermis
What is the function of the LACRIMAL APPARATUS ? Produce tears to lubricate the eye
The organ located in the LEFT UPPER Quadrant is called _______ ? SPLEEN
The bone that is part of the pelvic girdle is ________ ? Ischium
The Structure of the body that is known as the VOICE BOX is called the ________ ? LARYNX
What is the proper sequence of the flow of blood in the body? ARTERY - ARTERIOLE - CAPILLARY
A localized dilation resulting from a weakness of a blood vessel wall is _________ ? ANEURYSM
What are the portions of the large intestines? Cecum - Ascending Colon - Transverse Colon - Decending Colon - Sigmoid Colon
What type of muscle is responsible for producing PERISTALSIS? SMOOTH
The sympyathetic system of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for? Dilation of Bronchi
Which of the following blood vessel is proximal to the heart? Iliac - Carotid - Ascending or Renal Artery Ascending Aorta
A structure found in the inner ear is the cochlea
Where is the PINNA located at? The outside of the ear
An example of an exocrine gland are? - Sebaceous-parathyroid-adrenal-ovaries-testes Sebaceous Glands
The region located directly below the umbilical region is the? Hypogastric Region
The front and back anatomical places of the body are known as the: ANTERIOR and POSTERIOR
The large calf muscle is known as the gastrocnemius muscle
Which of the following refers to the contractile units of the muscle fiber? Tendon-Sarcomeres-Ligaments-Filaments SARCOMERES
Which of the following refers to the bulging and rupture of a blood vessel?Embolism-Thrombus-Laceration-Aneurysm Aneurysm
Which of the following body systems would be affected if a patient suffers from Parkinson's Disease? Nervous-Cardivascular-Reproductive-Musculoskeletal Nervous
A pap smeal is performed to detect? Breast - Endometriosis-Cervical Cancer or Pregnancy Cervical Cancer
During pregnancy, the placenta attaches itself to which of the following? The Uterus
The chain of infections DOES NOT include: Susceptible host-Means of transmission-reservois-asepsis ASEPSIS
The temperature setting and timing for proper autoclaving is? 250* F for 30 Min
Handwashing is an example of PRINCIPLES OF ASEPSIS
Gloves should be worn for which of the following procedures? Handeling Lab Specimens-Drwaing Blood-Administering an Injecton-ALL OF THE ABOVE ALL OF THE ABOVE
Which of the following is combined with water and used to disinfect countertops and other working surfaces in the lab? SOAP-OIL-BLEACH-ALCOHOL BLEACH (1:10) ONE PT BLEACH - 10 PT WATER
A RINGWORM is an example of a - Bacteria-Fungus-Protozoa-Virus-Parasite FUNGUS
The orginzation that developes and monitors guidlines and manadates health and safety practices in the work place is called? OSHA
When an infection is acquired within a health care setting is called? NOSOCOMIAL
The chain of infection requires the microorganisim to find a means of exit from the host. These means of exit included the following sneezing-ingestion-coughing-blood-feces INGESTION
What is the most important reason for using aseptic technique? TO BREAK THE CHAIN OF INFECTION
The main reason why an ill patient is seeking medical care is referred to as? Chief Complaint
What is the examination technique used to listen to internal body sounds? AUSCULTATION=LISTENING
The exam method used when a physician is determine a patients range of motion is? MANIPULATION
Which of the examination positions would be used to examine the back or spine PRONE
Which agency developes Standard Precautions? CDC-CMS-OSHA-WHO CDC
When performing a physical exam, the abbreviation PERRLA is used to describe what part of the body? EYESN = PERRLA = PUPILS-EQUAL-ROUND-REACTIVE-LIGHT-ACCOMIDATION
Which of the following is a TRUE statement if a TEMP take ORALLY is 99.4F- Rectally is 101.4F - Axillary is 98.4F-In Ear is 100.4F-Rectally is 99.4F AXIALLY READING WOULD BE 98.4F
When blood pressure readings taken 1-2 minutes apart in the supine, sitting and then standing position is called _______ pressure? ORTHOSTATIC
The instrument used to remove stiches is called ______ Suture Scissors
What is a fenestrated sterile drape? It has an opening and is placed over the area of the patient where a surgical incision will be made
The instrument used to hold back tissue and organs is called a _______ ? Retractor
What is ELECTROSURGERY used for? To destroy and coagulate tissue
The instrument used to examine the interior of canals or hollow organs is a _____ ? Endoscope
A jagged traumatic cut resulting in irregular wound edges is a _____ ? LACERATION
A wrapped, autoclaved, sterile package is opened on the Mayo stand by opening the top flap o the wrapper ______. AWAY FROM YOU
An instrument used to explore anatomical structures is a ______? PROBE
In medical terminology the basis for the term of the primary meaning of the term is provided by: THE ROOT WORD
Where is the SUFFIX of a word located? IT IS AFFIXED TO THE END OF THE WORD
What does FLATUS mean? GAS
Which of the following best describes a combining form? A word root plus a vowel
What is the meaning of BURSECTOMY? Surgical removal of the bursa
What is the meaning AZOOSPERMIA? Abscence of sprematozoa
What is the meaning of Cardiomegaly? Abnormally Enlargement of the Heart
What does Valvuloploasty mean? Plastic Surgery to repair a valve
What does CHEILITIS mean Inflammation of the lips
What does VAGOTOMY mean? surgical division of the vagus nerve
What does OLIGURIA mean? Scantiness of urine due to diminished secretion
What does HYSTEROPEXY mean? Surgical fixation of a misplaced or abnormally movable uterus
What does OPPHORECTOMY mean? Surgical removal of the epoophoron
What does OTORRHEA mean? a mucopurulent discharge from the ear.
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