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yellow reading 7

dissented to differ in opinion, esp. from the majority
dispirited discouraged; gloomy
augment enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent
indulge allow oneself to follow one's will
expedite to speed up the progress of
plausible having an appearance of truth or reason
dubious doubtful
murky dark, gloomy and cheerless
obliterated to remove or destroy all traces of
ultimatum a final proposal or statement of conditions
reconciliation accepting or resigning to something not desired
deceit the quality of being deceitful; duplicity; falseness
anecdote a short event or story
meticulous extremely precise; thorough
pretentious full of make-believe ~ ostentatious
elated very happy or proud; jubilant
sullen showing irritation by a gloomy silence; sluggish
placated to appease or pacify
decimated to destroy a great number or proportion of
subordinate of less importance; secondary
delegated a person designated to represent others
pacified to bring or restore to a state of peace or tranquility
articulate uttered clearly in distinct syllables
extol to praise highly; laud
ameliorate to make or become better
minuscule very small
frugal economical in use or expenditure
detrimental damaging; harmful
sporadic happening at irregular intervals in time
antecedents preceding (event, circumstance, style)
transient not lasting, enduring or permanent
subtle difficult to perceive or understand
auspicious promising success; propitious; opportune.
inept without skill or aptitude for a particular task
squander to spend or use extravagantly or wastefully
exacerbate to increase severity, bitterness or violence of
serene calm; peaceful or tranquil
unease not easy in body or mind
intricate having many interrelated parts or facets
astrology the study that assumes to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs
bewilderment utter confusion; puzzle
confluence a flowing together of two or more streams or rivers
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