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Everest345 mod f wk 2

ambi- both
amph- both sides
amputat/o cut away
arthr/o joint
articul/o joint
-blast immature cell development
burs/o sac
cartilag/o cartilage
caud/o lower part of body, tail
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
cephal/o head
chondr/o cartilage
-clast breakdown
-desis surgical fixation of bone, to bind
dia- through, between, apart
dist/o far
hemat/o blood
kyph/o hump
lord/o curve
-lysis breakdown, destroy, separate
-osis abnormal condition
oste/o bone
-physis to grow
-plasty surgical repair
-poietic relating to formation
-porosis pore, opening
scoli/o crooked, twisted
spondyl/o vertebra, vertebral column
syn- together, with
-us thing, single noun ending
amphiarthrosis a joint that bends in 2 directions
arthrocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from a joint
cartilaginous consisting of cartilage
chondroplasty surgical repair of cartilage
diaphysis shaft of long bone
diarthrosis free moving joint
hematopoietic formation and development of blood cells
osteoclast cells for bone remodeling and releasing minerals
osteoporosis porous condition of bone
synarthrosis immovable joint
appendicular pertaining to appendages, arms and legs
axial pertaining to head and trunk
arthritis inflammation of a joint
bursitis inflammation of the sac between joints
clavicular pertaining to thecollar bone
collagen major protein of connective tissue
intercostal between 2 ribs
kyphosis humpback, outward curve in the thoracic area
lordosis swayback, inward curve in the lumbar area
scoliosis lateral curve of the spinal column
genu valgum knock knee
genu varum bowleg
hallux the big toe
ligament fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone at a joint
reduction fixing a fracture without an incision
traction the use of a pulling force to treat muscle and skeleton disorders
periosteum outer covering of a bone
tendon fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone
Created by: everest