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a/n- absence of
ab- away from
ad- toward
ante- before
anti- against
auto- self
bio- life
con- with, together
contra- against,opposite
dis- apart,separate
dys- painful, difficult
ec- out
ecto- outside of
en- in
endo- within
epi- on, attached to, over
ex- out
hemi- half
hemo- pertaining to blood
hpyer- high, excessive
hypo- below
inter- between
intra- within
iso- equal
mal- bad
mega- large
meso- middle
meta- beyond
micro- very small
milli- one thousandth
mono- one, single
multi- many
neo- new
para- beside
per- through
peri- around, enclosing
poly- many
post- after
pre- before
primi- first
retro- back, behind
semi- half
sub- under
super- excessive
supra- above
syn- together, with
-al relating to
-ectomy removal of
-emesis vomiting
-genetic origin-related
-graph recording instrument
-graphy recording process
-iatric treatment of
-iatry field of medicine
-ic relating to
-ism condition of
-itis inflammation
-logist Specialist in
-logy study of
-lysis destruction of
-megaly enlargement
-meter measurment instrument
-oma tumor
- osis condition of
- pathy disease
- penia abnormal decrease
-philia abnormal attraction
-phobia abnormal fear
-plasia formation
-plasty surgical repair
-ptosis drooping
-rrhage burst forth
-scope viewing instrument
-scopy procedure using a scope
-stomy creating a surgical opening
-tomy incision into
aden/o gland
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
audi/o hearing
blephar/o eyelid
bucc/o cheek
burs/o bursa
calc/i stone
cardi/o heart
cervic/o neck,neck of an organ
cholecyst/o gallbladder
conjuntiv/o conjunctiva
cost/o ribs
crani/o skull
cutane/o skin
cyan/o blue
cyst/o bladder
cyt/o cell
derm/o skin
dors/o back
encephal/o brain
fasci/o fibrous tissue
fibr/o connective tissue
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gum
glyc/o sugar, glucose
hepat/o liver
hist/o tissue
ir/o iris
kal/i potassium
lacrim/o tear
lamin/o lamina
lapar/o abdomen
leuk/o white
lip/o fat
myel/o spinal cord
my/o muscle
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
onc/o tumor
opt/o vision
oste/o bone
pector/o chest
pneumon/o lung
psych/o mind
retin/o retina
rhin/o nose
synovi/o lining of joint
tend/o tendon
ven/o vein
Created by: kimber954