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Abdominocentesis Surgical puncture of the abdomen to remove fluid
Abruptio Placentae Premature seperation of the placenta
Absorption Transfer of the products of digestion into the blood and lumph for circulation.
AIDS - ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME Decrease immunity resulting in infection with the human immunodeficiency virus, leaving victim susceptible to opportunistic disease.
ACROCYANOSIS Blude condition of the extremities
Acromegaly Over production of the growth hormone after puberty, resulting in wide, large face, hands and feet
Active Transport Movements of molecules from area of lower to area of higher concentration
Addison Disease Hyposecretion of cortisol by the adrenal cortex, resulting in muscle atrophy, tissue weakness and skin pigmentation
Adenoma Tumor of a gland
Adrenal Glands Endocrine glands located at the top of each kidney
Advance Directives Documents signed by the patient and by witnesses stating the patients wishes for medical care, should he or she becomes incapacitated.
Affective Relating to a persons values, attitudes; a domain of learning
Adverse Effective A pathological reaction to a drug that occurs when appropriate doses are given/
- algesia PAIN, Sensitivity to pain
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act Prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accomodation, communications and govermental activities.
Beneficence Actions that create benefit or good
Bioethics Moral issues dealing with biologic studies, research, procedures and decisions
Implied Consent A patients permission in which his or her actions indirectly indicated approval
Informed Consent A patients permission for a procedure, given after receiving all the information necessary to make an educated decision
Justice Equitable distribution of benefits and burdens
Non Compos Mentis Not of sound mind
Nonfeasance Failures to act when there was a duty to act, resulting in or causing harm
Res Ipsa Loquitar " The thing speaks for its self" Used to describe obvious cases of negligence
Respondeat Superior " LET THE MASTER SPEAK" the employer is responsible for the actions of an employee if the employee followed policy and procedure and stayed within the scope of his or her position
Analgesia take away pain - free from pain
Antipyretic Against fever - Fever reducing
Aplasia Lack of formation or development; usually to an organ
Arteriosclerosis Thickening (hardening) of the arteries and loss of elasticity resulting from thickening of the vessel walls.
Cervicofacial Pertaining to the face and neck
Chiroplasty Surgical repair of the hands
Cholecyctitis Inflammation of the gallbladder
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
Dacryocyctitis Inflammation of the tear sac
Dactyl/o Digit; finger or toe
Dermatosis Any skin lesion or eruption
Dextr/o RIGHT
Dyskinesia Difficult or painful movement
Dyspepsia Indegestion or painful digestion
-EMIA Pertaining to blood
Encephal/O Pertaining to the brain
Encephalitis Inflammation of the brain
Endocarditis Inflammation of the inside lining of the heart
Enteritis Inflammation of the small intestine
Gastrectasia Stretching of the stomach
Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach
Gingivoglossitis Inflammation of the gums and tongue
Hemostasis To stop or control bleeding
Hyperplasia Excessive formation of cells or tissue
Hysterorrhaphy Sutering of the Uterus
Inter- BETWEEN, In the midst
Laparotomy Incision of the abdominal wall
Leukopenia Decreased white cells
Lipectomy Excision of fatty tissue
Litholysis Destruction of a stone
-Lysis Destruction, destroy dissolution
-malacia Softening of the tissue
Mammoplasty Surgical reconstruction of the breast
Meningocele Herniation of the meninges
Menostasis Suppresion of menses
Nasopharyngeal Pertaining to nose and throat
Nephrolysis Destruction of kidney stones
Nephropathy Disease of the kidney
Neuralgia Pain in nerves
Neuropathy Disease of the nerves
Onychocrptosis An ingrown (hidden) nail, finger or toe
Onychomycosis Condition of fungus of the nails
Oophorectomy Excision of an ovary
Orchidectomy Surgical removal of a testicle
Osteoarthropathy Disease of the bones and joints
Otalgia Pain in the ear
Peri- around , about
Phag/o to ingest or eat
Phleborrhexis Rupture of a vein
Pneum/0 Air
Pneumon/o Lung
Proctorrhagia Hemorrhage of the rectum
Pyeloplasty Surgical repair of the renal pelvis
Pyogenesis Formation of pus
Retroperitoneal Behind the peritoneum
-rrhagia Hemorrhage
-rrhexis rupture of a vessel, organ or tissue
-stasis To stop or control
Sten/o Narrowing
Stomatomycosis Condition of fungus in the mouth
-stomy forming a new opening
Tenodynia Painful tendon
Thrombectomy Surgical removal of a blood clot
Tympan/o Eardrum - Drum Like
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