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Si Yes
a without or lack of
ab away (away from)
abdomin/o belly
able capable of
abort/io to miscarry or miscarrying (natural or induced)
abrupt/io to tear away from
abcess a going away
ac refers to or pertains to
ory refers to or pertains to
us refers to or pertains to
acanth/o thorny (skin growth)
access/o supplemental
acetabul/o vinegar cup or hip joint (for femur)
acne pointed
acoust/i hearing
acr/o extremities, height and pointed
acrom/i extremities, height and pointed
actin/o sun, ray, radium
acu sharp
acus sharp
ad near or beside
aden/o gland
adhes/io to stick (together)
adip/o fat
aer/o air or gas
af toward
age relates to or pertains to
aggglutnin/o to clump
agogue inducing or leading
agon walls
agra pain
al refers to
alb/o white
albumin/o egg white
alges/i pain
algia pain
alimento/o to nourish
alopec/i fox mange or baldness
alveol/i cavity
ambi both
amblyo dull
ambul/o to walk
amine nitrogen compound
amino organic compound
amnesi/o forgetful
amnio lambs caul 'small cap'
amphi both
amylo starch
an lack of or without
an/o ring
ana apart or up
ancone elbow
andr/o man or male
anecto without expansion or dilation
angi/o vessel
angin/o to choke
anil/i old women
anis/o unequal
ankyl/o fuse or bind
anomal/y abnormal
ante before
anter/o before or foremost (in front)
anthr/o coal or carbuncle
anthrac/o coal or carbuncle
anthrop/o human
anti against
antr/o cavity
antr/um cavity or cavern
anuerysm dilation or ballooning
anxio restlessness, uneasy, apprehensive
apheresis to remove or separate
apo above or upon
aponeur/o upon tendon (sheet or sheath around tendon)
append/o appendage
aqua water
ar refers to
ar without or lack of
acrachn/ spider
arachino spider
arche/o first
arche first
aria air
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
articul/o jointed
ary refers to
asbest/o unquenchable
ascar/i worm
asco bag
ase enzyme
aspergill/o to sprinkle
aster/o star
asthenia weakness
asthma panting
ate refers to or action
atelo incomplete, without end, imperfect (ending)
athero porridge or yellow fat
ation process of or procedure of
ition process of or procedure of
atm/o vapor or steam
artresia closure
atri/o chamber
attrit/i wearing out
audi hearing
aur/i ear
auricul/o ear
auscult/o to listen
auto self
aut self
avuls/i to tear
axill/o armpit or central
axio axle or axis
axo axle or axis
azoto urea nitrogen
azygo single
Bacill/o ROD LIKE
Bacteri/o ROD
Bas/o basic
Bas/io at a base
Bene good or normal
Benign/i kind
Beri weakness
Bi two
Bil/i (bil
Bin two
bio life
blast beginning or young
bleb/o (bulla
blenno mucus
blepharo (palpebro
bol/o lump or ball
borg orgasm
brach/i arm
brachy short
brady slow
brevi short
bronch/i windpipe or tracea
brux grinding
brucca cheek
bulba bister or vesicle
bula blister or vesicle
bulimo hunger
burs/o sac, wine
cac/o diseased or bad
cal/o heat, heated or hot
calcane/o heel
calcin/o calcium
calco pebbles or granules (of calcium mineral)
caligi/o dim vision
calyx cups
calix cups
call/o hardened skin
calx heel or lime
candid/i glowing white
canth/o corner of eye
capill/o hair
capit/o head
capn/o carbon dioxide
capsulo little box
caput head
carb/o carbon atoms, coal, or charcoal
carbun/o glowing ember
carbuncul/o glowing ember
carcin/o crab
cardi/o heart
carp/o wrist
cata breakdown or down
cataract waterfall or cloudiness
catarrh to flow down
catheter/o to let down into
caud/o tall or toward tall
caust/o burn or heat
cau burn or heat
caus burn or heat
cav hollow
cebo meal or food
cec/o blind pouch
cece navel
cele swelling or tumor
cell/o abdomen or belly
cellul/o chambers
cement/o hard
ceno empty or common
keno empty or common
centesis surgical puncture to drain fluid
centi one
centr/i center
centro center
cephalo head
-cept receiver
cerbr/o brain
ceru wax
cerv/i neck
chalas/i relaxation
chalaz/io hailstone (eyelid sebaceous cyst)
chancr/o ulcer (sore)
cheil/o lip
chilo lip
chiasma a crossing
chiro hand
chlamyd/i to cloak or cover
chlor/o green
cholangio bile duct
chole bile or gall (ingredient of)
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o gallbladder duct (canal)
cholera billary acute diarrhea
chondr/o cartilage
chordo (cordo
chorea dancing (shaking)
chrom/o colored
chyme juice
chyle juice
cicatrix scar
cid to kill
cil/i eyelash
cili eyelash or eyelash like
cimex bug
cine/o movement filming
circum around
cirrh/o yellow
cis cut or to cut
cistern/o cavity
clalasia relaxation
clast breakdown
clas breakdown
clavicul/o collar bone (little key shape)
cleido hook, clavicle or collar bone
clino bent
clon/o turmoil
clubb/o rounding
clysis irrigation or injection
co two
coagulo/o clotting or clot
coccus berry
coccyg/o tailbone
cochle/o snail
coel hollow belly (cavity)
coit/o to come together (sexual union; inter/course "between/a flowing")
col/o colon big or large intestine
colon/o colon big or large intestine
colla/o glue
collis twisted
colob/o to mutilate
colpo vagina
com together
comato deep sleep
con together
conch/a shell
concuss/i violent shaking
condyl/o knuckle (nob)
coni/o dust
conis cone shaped
conjuctiv/o together joined (united)
continence contained
contra against
contrecoup counter blow
contus/i bruise
convolo to roll together
corac/o crows beak (shape)
cord vocal chords cord
core/o pupil or iris (rainbow)
cori/o skin
corne/o cornea or horn (shape)
cornu horn or horny
coron/o crowning
coronal plane (aka: frontal plane)crowning frontal body cut
corp/o body
cortic/o bark, outer bark, rind, or cortex
cost/o rib
cox/a hip, hip joint, (pelvis and femur)
cox/o hip, hip joint, (pelvis and femur)
crani/o skull
cras/o mixture
creas fleshy or flesh
crenat/o notched
cric/o ring
crine secrete
crin secrete
crit separate
cruc/i cross or cross
crur/o leg thigh or femur
crus/o leg thigh or femur
crust/ scab or outer coat
cryo cold
crypto secret
cub/o cube or cube shaped
cubit/o elbow
culd/o blind pouch
cule little
cune/i wedge
currett/o scooping or scraping
cusis hearing
cusp/i pointed
cuti/o (cut
cutis skin
cyan/o blue
cycl/o circle
cyesis pregnancy
cyst/o bladder or sac
cyst bladder or sac
cyst/i bladder or sac
cystido bladder or sac
cyte cell or chamber
cyt cell or chamber
cyth cell or chamber
cyesis cytosis increase (in number)
dacryo tear
dactylo digits (fingers and toes)
de away
debride removal
deca one/tenth (1/10)
decem one/tenth (1/10)
decub/o to lie down
deep most inward
deka , dek
delta fan shaped or triangular
dem/o people
demi half
dendr/o tree
desmo ligament (also tendon)
deuter/o second or secondary
dextr/o rght
di two
dia across, through, total or complete, or between
diaphoro excessive sweating
didymis testis or teste
different to separate or apart
deferens to separate or apart
digit finger or toe
diplo double or two
dips/o thirst or thirsty
dipther/i membrane
dis away from or reversed
dist/o farther from
diverticul/o outpouching
doch/o duct or canal
doct/o to teach or teacher
dol/o pain
dolich/o long, seperation, dislocation
dors/o back
dos/e (dose) a giving
dote what is given
dracuncul/o little dragon (worm)
dromo running
du/o two
duct/o to draw or to lead (motion) away
duoden/o twelve
dura hard
dwarf/o small
dy/o two or a pair
dynam/o work or strength
dynia pain
dys diffucult, faulty or painful
-e instrument
e- out or remove
eal refers to
ec outside, outward, outer or out
ect outside, outward, outer or out
ecto outside, outward, outer or out
ecchymo/ juice out
eccrine secreting or to secrete
echin/o prickly, spiny or notched
echo sound
-ectasis dilation
-estasy dilation
ectomy excisio or removal
eczema to boil out
edema swelling
ef away or out
effer away or out
effus away or out
electr/o electrical
ellum lesser or smaller
em in
emac/i to grow thin
embryo early
emesis vomit
ernia blood
emmetr/o normal or correct
emphysema puffed up
en in
enamel hard
encephal/o within head brain
enchyma anything poured in (essential organ part)
endo within or inside
enema injection
entero intestine (usually refers to small intestine)
enuresis to void (expel) urine
eosin/o rose red (color)
epi upon
episi/o pubic region
er one who
or one who
ergo work or labor
eruct/o belching
erythermat/o red or flushed
erthr/o red
eschar scab
eso toward
esthes/i feeling (physical)
estr/o female
ethm/o sieve
eti/o cause
eti/o cause
eu good or normal
ex out, outside, outward
exo out, outside, outward
extra out, outside, outward
facet face
fac face
faci/o face
facient making
fasc/i band
febr/o fever
fec/o stool, fecal matter, or dung
scato stool, fecal matter, or dung
sterco srool, fecal matter or dung
femor/o thigh
fenestr/o window
ference to carry
ferro iron
fet/o young
fibrill/o to quiver
fibrin/o fiber
fibro fiber
fibul/o to clasp
fil thread
fila thread
fili thread
filar/i thread
fimbri/o fingers
fiss to split or splitting
fistul/o pipe or pipe
flacci/o soft
flagell/o whip
flat/o to blow
flex to bend
flect to bend
flu flowing
flux to flow
foc/o center or hearth
fontan/o little fountain
formamen/o opening
fore before
form shaped shape or form
fossa furrow or shallow depression
fract/o to break
front/o forehead or before
-fuge To flee
fulgur/o to lighten (with sparks burning tissue)
fulv/o brown
fund/o base or lage part (organ body)
fungi mushroom
furc/o branch or fork
furun/o boil
galact/o milk
gamet/o to marry, unite, or sexual union
gam/o to marry, unite, or sexual union
gangli/o knot swelling or collection knot
gangren/o eating sore
gastr/o stomach
gelat/o freeze or congeal
gelatino freeze or congeal
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